Weekly Blog – 31 January 2009

Posted by John Devlin

We’re starting to see the first inklings of next season’s strips already. Watford and Ipswich have already published polls for fans to choose the 09/10 designs. Thankfully the voting supporters saw sense with Leicester’s new home shirt and have decided to leave it blank rather than the slightly dodgy messages/slogans that were the alternatives. It seems the away shirt will be sponsored by a local charity as well which is a great gesture by the club.

Sticking with Leicester, they had to lend a set of away kits to visiting team Brighton last week due to a colour clash. This is despite Brighton wearing FOUR, yes FOUR kits this season already! Forget everything else connected with football shirts for the moment, the primary function of a football kit is to allow one team to be clearly distinguished from another and for players to easily recognise their teammate. I find it incredible that in this modern age of football shirts this event is still happening! Surely with four kits at their disposal they could have bought one that could be told apart from Leicesters? Incidentally, I presume squad numbers and names etc go out the window in this event? Or do they print up special bastardised versions in the club shop? Plus, how do the sponsors feel knowing that their logo won’t be seen for one patch? Borrowing kits opens up many cans of worms.

The latest edition of the rather excellent Backpass magazine features a short article that I’ve written on Birmingham City’s infamous German flag kit of the early 70s. To find out more about this magazine, which is essential reading for any football fan, visit www.backpassmagazine.co.uk.

I’ve also been interviewed by Wolves fanzine ‘A Load of Bull’. I’ll let you know when it comes out.

The Sheffield Wednesday kit section is coming on well – almost finished! – and is attracting a few comments. I hope to get some more up this weekend. Due to several, ahem, errors and omissions in the Wales section in True Colours 2 I’ll also be publishing a small articles on Wales kits from the mid 70s to the late 80s. Some of the kits are already in the updates section but I thought it would be good to clarify everything. I’ll also be putting together a small piece on Middlesbrough kits from 1970 to the late 80s.

Incidentally, I’d be interested to hear your views on my latest illustrations. You will notice I’ve updated the Owls kits with textures, fabric folds etc but would you want to see additional League logos and backs of the shirts as well as I’ve used on my 08-09 kits section? Any feedback or opinions on how the illustrations could look and what you would like to see on them would be much appreciated.

Weekly Blog – 24 January 2009

Posted by John Devlin

er…not many updates at the moment! I owe everyone an apology as there’s not been much new stuff on the site so far this year. The reason being is that I have a lot going on at the moment which has been a little stressful to say the least (mainly work related) and has taken up much of my time.

I think the best way to ensure that there is plenty of new kit material (no pun intended) on the site is to update articles gradually.
The good news is I’m aiming to rectify the recent lack of updates with the start of the Sheffield Wednesday kit article, hopefully a few Melchester Rovers kits, more additions to the True Colours Updates page and a new regular weekly blog – starting with this one!

There’s plenty going on in the kit world at the moment with the marketing machines gearing up for the 09–10 kits. A couple of clubs have already put their designs forward for fans to choose. Leicester City are taking a novel stand, declaring that there won’t be a regular sponsor on the shirt in 09–10 and instead they are asking supporters to choose from various slogans to appear on the jersey. Head over to Football Shirt Culture to find out more. Personally, I think it has to be the blank shirt. So many people have been impressed with West Brom’s sponsorless shirts this season and with the recession with us we may be seeing more plain jerseys.

The AIG deal with Man Utd will not renewed and it will be fascinating to see who takes their place on the shirt of the biggest club in the world.  I know many fans still miss Sharp (not Lee) but I very much doubt they will be making a return. Incidentally Nike’s conceptual approach to kit design is continuing with the new Utd shirt, apparently they are bringing back the ‘V’ motif across the jersey in honour of the club kit dating back to the 20s. I’ve no doubt this will ruffle a few feathers – will it be a step too far for Nike? It remains to be seen.

Finally, there’s still plenty of replica shirt bargains to be had – especially from JJB who sadly by all accounts are struggling at the moment.

Sheffield Wednesday Kits 1977–2011

Posted by John Devlin

Due to public demand I’ve decided to publish online the complete set of Sheffield Wednesday kits that I produced for TRUE COLOURS VOL 2 but was refused permission to include in the book. I’ve updated them in my new illustrative style and have also included the club’s most recent outfits.

Sheffield Wednesday Home Kit 1977-1983Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 1977-1983Sheffield Wednesday Third Kit 1977-1983Sheffield Wednesday Home Kit 1983-1984Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 1983-1984Sheffield Wednesday Home Kit 1984-1987Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 1984-1986Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 1986-1988Sheffield Wednesday Home Kit 1987-1988Sheffield Wednesday Home Kit 1988-1989Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 1988-1990Sheffield Wednesday Home Kit 1989-1991Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 1990-1992Sheffield Wednesday Home Kit 1991-1993Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 1992-1993Sheffield Wednesday Home Kit 1993-1995Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 1993-1994, Third Kit 1994-1995Sheffield Wednesday Third Kit 1993-1994Sheffield Wednesday Fourth Kit 1993-1994Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 1994-1995  Third Kit 1995-1996Sheffield Wednesday Home Kit 1995-1997Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 1995-1996, Third Kit 1996-1997Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 1996-1998Sheffield Wednesday Home Kit 1997-1999Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 1998-2000Sheffield Wednesday Home Kit 1999-2000Sheffield Wednesday Home Kit 2000-2001Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 2000-2001Sheffield Wednesday Third Kit 2000-2001Sheffield Wednesday Fourth Kit 2000-2001Sheffield Wednesday Home Kit 2001-2003Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 2001-2002  Third Kit 2002-2003Sheffield Wednesday Third Kit 2001-2002Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 2002-2003Sheffield Wednesday Home Kit 2003-2005Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 2003-2004Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 2004-2005Sheffield Wednesday Home Kit 2005-2007Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 2005-2006Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 2006-2007Sheffield Wednesday Home Kit 2007-2009Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 2007-2008  Third Kit 2008-2009Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 2008-2009sheff-wed-h-09-11sheff-wed-a-09-10sheff-wed-a-10-11

John Devlin on The Robert Elms Show

Posted by John Devlin

I appeared on BBC London’s Robert Elms show today at lunchtime talking about True Colours and the publishing process in general. I explained how I started trying to get a publisher for my book and what has happened since. If you’re interested and you would like to have a listen click below for the ‘Listen Again’ page on the BBC London’s site: