The Kit Cupboard – Burnley Away Kit 2006-07

Posted by John Devlin

burnley-a-06-07Back in January 2007 I was very honoured to be asked by the Football League to be one of their judges in the Best Kit Design section of the 2006-07 Football League Awards. With great excitement I travelled up to their London offices and sat down with a mixed group including the publisher of FourFourTwo and various League individuals to judge the kits. We all discussed the many designs together and then marked them up privately. The unanimous winner was this Errea-produced Burnley away kit. Although it was a simple yet stylish design it was really the rich blend of amber and claret that swung it for us. Its a relatively unusual colour combination but it really worked – and it was unmistakably Burnley. Plus the unique socks went down very well!

Worn in: Seemingly almost every away game that season. Sadly, few wins for Burnley though. The most notable being the late 1-0 victory over eventually promoted Birmingham City.
Worn by: Michael Duff, Andy Gray, Chris McCann and Kyle Lafferty.

Almost Weekly Blog 16th August

Posted by John Devlin

Well, the new season is upon us and what a start for Arsenal! 6-1 away win at Everton – not a bad day at the office. It was a surprise to see Villa go down at home to Wigan as well. Good Premier League debut for Man City’s smart new away kit.

fabregas-shirtThe Arsenal game featured a moving moment when Cesc Fabregas dedicated his goals to Espanyol captain Daniel Jarque who died tragically last week at the age of 26. Fabregas held up a shirt featuring Jarque’s name and squad number in tribute.

Its very interesting to see how kits are big news this season. Not sure why but there’s been more talk about the supposedly outrageous designs than there has been for years. The Sun popped up with this feature:

I think its good for kit design though, that people are discussing designs and promoting debate. I also think its one of the richest years for kits for quite a while. Its a real pot pourri of styles with no common direction which makes it a mixed bag of both successful and unsuccesful kits. Last time I remember such a varied bunch was back in the very late 90s/early 00s. If you look back to the 70s, 80s and 90s design in terms of trimmings, neck designs, collars etc it was fairly predictable. Now anything goes; retro, contemporary,collars, minimalist necks, trim, no trim, symmetrical, asymmetrical. All this means however that its difficult to predict the next trend.

There’s also not many strips left to unveil – Portsmouth seem to have missed the boat on their new home kit. The home kit has been seen in press photos etc and of course worn on Saturday but unless I’m mistaken there has been no grand launch. Perhaps its due to the Canterbury situation. The new Man City third kit looks to be a real cracker as well.

Incidentally, many apologies for the lack of updates in the last week or so, there are several reasons for this, namely commitments of my 9-5 job, my 40th birthday celebrations last weekend and the various deadline-drive projects I’ve been working on – but more of that later.

I hope to add the next batch of 09-10 kit reviews and at least 4 new Kit Cupboard features in the next day or two. I’ve also been working on re-organising the site to include all kits from True Colours 1 and 2 and a special section on the Kit Cupboard which seems to be very popular. I’ve had loads of suggestions in as to what to feature and its interesting to see how many coincide with kits I’d already planned to include.  Many thanks though for your thoughts – keep them coming. I’ll announce how this the new site structure is going to work shortly.

One of the major projects I have been working on is for a fantastic new site, which promises to definitely discover the greatest players of all-time based on user opinion. The site launched yesterday (15th August) with an English Football Premiership channel containing a full database of over 1600 players that have made over 20 appearances in the league since it started in 1992.

The site allows visitors to select the best player from two that are presented at each time and is a fascinating look back over the Premiership’s stars.

I am very pleased to be their launch sponsor and have worked with them on the graphics for the site.

I’m also really pleased to be supplying several clubs with regular kit graphics for their matchday programmes. So if you’re a regular visitor to Manchester City, Aston Villa, Sunderland, Preston, Cardiff, Derby or Notts County you should be seeing True Colours illustrations in each edition.

Well, its back to the BBC site to see how Liverpool are doing against Spurs…

New Kit Cupboard article added

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