May Blog

Posted by John Devlin

I love the end of the season! This one’s been a cracker with so many questions unanswered until the last few games.

Out of the clubs for whom I regularly contribute kit illustrations in their programmes I was delighted to see Leeds United and Notts County both get promoted and Cardiff still in with a very good shout and going up to the Premiership via the Play-offs.

I was also really pleased to see Sunderland’s matchday programme (to which I also contribute) win both top programme awards for 2009-10.

Of course, the other great thing about the end of the season is the gradual unveiling of the new kits. I will document these fully in the coming months but my initial impressions are mixed. I think the Liverpool home kit will grow on me (still no Liver Bird badge though grrr..) although no one seems to have mentioned that the shadow pattern is based on their late 80s away kit, not home. The Chelsea home kit is OK, not stunning, but OK. I like the look of what Burrda have done with the Wolves strips – looks like we’re heading for a retro/classically styled 10-11 campaign. I’ve still got mixed feelings about Pompey wearing Kappa for the cup but I love what I’ve seen of their white/burgundy/pink away shirt for the Cup Final.

I also hope to complete my 09-10 illustrations of Premiership and Championship kits very soon.

I’ll be posting a complete record of all home and away World Cup kits before the tournament kicks off in June. Football magazine Kick will also include a double page spread of all my WC home kit illustrations in their edition on sale 26 May.

I was interested to see whilst preparing the illustrations how the vast majority of kits in the World Cup are white. Cast your mind back 2 years to Euro 2008 where red was the dominant colour, this time round the hue is relatively scarce:


Still on the subject of the World Cup, I was flattered to be asked recently by the Gaffer from the rather excellent website to contribute to a special e-book he was publishing entitled ‘What the World Cup means to me’. The e-book has just been released and you can download it in PDF format here. Its a great read and highly recommended.

Following on from my recent post regarding things you’d like banned from kits Denis emailed me recently mentioning that he had seen a note from UEFA saying that all strapping on socks must either be the same colour as the sock or worn underneath. It reminded me of a conversation I had when I visited Umbro a few months back.  This may be common knowledge but apparently Ronaldo’s taping around his ankle/socks is due to the fact that he always prefers to wear his own special socks on his feet. These socks are also what he wears when his feet are measured for his custom boots. So in matches he actually wears the ‘feet’ of his own special socks, then puts on his standard issue team kit socks, cuts the ‘feet’ of them and tapes the two together. So in fact his team kit socks are actually just two ‘tubes’! I certainly wasn’t aware of this trend but it may explain why so many players are wearing taping on their socks.

Finally Loaded journalist Jeff Maysh recently asked me to contribute to his excellent football/football kit blog Jeff has done loads of writing on football and has an impressive collection of match worn Spurs shirts. His site is highly entertaining and well worth a visit!

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