Champions League Last 16 Away Kits

Posted by John Devlin

A while back I featured the home kits of the last 16 teams in the Champions League. Now with the second legs of the semi finals fast approaching I thought I’d feature the aways. Personally, I think many of these are better than the home!! Surprisingly I love the adidas Lyon and Marseille aways, the Lyon one especially is incredible. Dont’ think I’d ever wear it but its certainly a brave design. Although the trend has gone out of fashion in the UK in recent years several continental sides are still sporting special European away kits that double up as their domestic thirds namely: Real Madrid (regular away kit is black), Schalke (whose domestic change strip is navy blue, daft when you consider their home is royal blue!) and Bayern Munich (although their white away has also been worn in this season’s CL campaign).

FC Copenhagen have a complete set of unique European kits with a black change strip (their vibrant pink design a third choice).

I’ve included Spurs’ third kit here rather than their pale blue away mainly due to the fact that the navy strip has been worn in Europe this season while the pale blue hasn’t. Whether the navy is first choice European away (if that makes sense!) or not is unclear.

As far as Nike’s contributions go, the Barca away shirt, as ever, is interesting and special mention has to go to the audacious Inter Milan change jersey that features a large blue and black serpent graphic (the serpent/snake being an important symbol for the city of Milan) on the left hand side.

Kappa also make their mark this year with a fine orange change strip for Valencia.

2010-11 Kits

Posted by John Devlin

At last and just in time for the end of the season (!) I have finally completed all Premier League and Championship kits illustrations.

They can be viewed here:

If you have any comments on the kits or notice any omissions please leave them on this page.

Liverpool 2010-11 Kits

Posted by John Devlin

liverpool-h-10-11To wrap up my reviews/summaries of all Premier League 2010-11 kits are Liverpool’s three strips for the season. I posted a detailed initial review of the home on its unveiling back in July. Nine turbulent months later for Liverpool my opinion is still pretty much the same. Looking at the other new adidas kits that have appeared in the past few months its good to see that they gave Liverpool a unique outfit. I have warmed to the design slightly but am not really a fan of the shadow pattern used throughout which seems to dull down the vibrancy of the shirt. The gold trim is a nice touch and something I would like to see used (with care!) on future Liverpool home kits.

liverpool-a-10-11Always good to see the Reds away from home in white and black and the 2010-11 adidas nearly, but not quite ticks all the boxes. I think my main issue with it is the effect of the black red and gold pinstripes. Pedantic maybe, but using three colours here seems to create thicker stripes that look too heavy for the shirt somehow. Its a nice idea but I wonder if there was a better way to incorporate the three colours into the pinstripe design? Still, the rest of the kit gets my thumbs up especially the socks with their black and red turnover.

liverpool-3-10-11The third Liverpool kit for the season sees a return to black (yet again), this time trimmed with a bright, flurescent yellow. The shirt fabric incorporates the same shadow pattern as the home but for me the whole strip is a tad dull and doesn’t really excite me. Its seen a fair bit of use this season though and the yellow colour has formed the main theme of a lot of the club’s European training wear. Best part of the shirt for me is the fact that the Liverpool crest has switched to yellow with only the flames retaining the red colour (a trick also included on the recently unveiled 11-12 away kit)…but don’t get me started on the Liverpool crest…

The Arsenal Away Kit Situation

Posted by John Devlin

Denis Hurley recently pointed out to me that on the Arsenal website they are stating that, bizarrely, the club will wear their yellow/redcurrant away kit against against Blackpool this weekend:

As the official Premier League handbook and the Arsenal site itself clearly state that the club’s third kit this season is last season’s navy strip it is very odd indeed that they are opting for the yellow kit that will clash with Blackpool’s tangerine – especially, as Denis points out, if there is bright sunlight.

The mystery deepens as I have been reliably informed that the kit room at the Emirates has never received a stock of the navy kits for this season, casting doubt as to whether this is an official third choice or not. In this day and age its madness that clubs can’t wear kits that clearly differentiate them from each other.

The Arsenal site has been known to get some of the finer details wrong when informing people of kit choices but on the whole it is pretty accurate.

So what will Arsenal wear? We wait with baited breath…

Website problems

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You may have noticed a couple of glitches in the site last week. Many apologies for this – it was due to switching hosting and although the move went pretty smoothly unfortunately the last 4 months worth of kit graphics disappeared. I’ve almost finished uploading them all again, please bear with me and all missing kits will be up shortly. Thank you.

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