Top Flight Kit Count

Posted by John Devlin

Mark Jessop sent me a great email the other day where he analyses how many teams each kit company supplies throughout the English, German, Italian, Spanish and French top flight leagues.

Its good to recap what kit manufacturers are around at the moment – and which dominate, no surprise to see adidas and Nike up there. Interesting to see a very high kit count for both Kappa and Macron – presumably due to their dominance in Italy but also their healthy presence in other leagues. It’s also clear that certain leagues rely heavily on local companies – not something that occurs in the English Premier League.

16 – Adidas
15 – Nike
10 – Puma
10 – Kappa
8 – Macron
6 – Umbro
5 – Lotto
5 – Errea
4 – Jako
3 – Joma
2 – Givova
2 – Duarig

and the following, 1 each; Mi-fit, UnderArmour, Warrior, Li-ning,  Luanvi, Kelme, Astore, Mercury, Legea, Uhl, Hummel and Burda.

Thanks Mark….