Arsenal Kits

Posted by John Devlin

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  1. Andrew Rockall Says:

    Though every part of me despises this ‘orrible mob I’d love to see them return to Red home socks with Yellow away shirts and Royal Blue shorts & trim.

  2. David Morrissey Says:

    Lol! I take it your a Spurs fan Andrew? :)

  3. Ronan Smith Says:

    Emlyn Hughes told a great story about the 1971 cup final many years ago. May 8th 1971 was an absolute scorcher in this part of the world and Emlyn spoke of seeing the Arsenal team in short-sleeved shirts at the start of the match and looking around at his Liverpool team-mates in their heavy cotton long sleeved-shirts made his heart sink. Now, being a supporter of North London’s finest and knowing that the captain will always choose if the team wear short or long sleeves on the day has always had me wondering if a long-sleeved version of the ’71 shirt was ever produced, As I can never remember seeing it. 40 odd years on I’m watching ESPN and they’ve just showed the Swindon – Arsenal game from January 1972 and there it is, with yellow cuffs and neck as opposed to the blue which were on the famous ’71 shirt. Just though I’d let you know….

  4. Peter Rapley Says:

    There are multiple versions of all of Arsenal’s 1970s FA Cup Final shirts. As Ronan rightly points out above, the L/S 1971 shirts were used a few times in 71-72, including the cup game at Swindon. The short-sleeved spares from the 1972 final were worn in 72-73 (against Stoke for example). There’s a non-Airtex version of the 1978 shirt with a collar that was used in 78-79. The L/S 1979 Final shirts were used as away shirts in 79-80 (vs. Crystal Palace, Forest etc.), and the 1980 Final shirts were used as the away shirts in 80-81. Now what I want to know is what happened to the red and white version of the Arsenal 1980 FA Cup Final shirt. Does anyone know the whereabouts of any of these shirts?

  5. Denis Hurley Says:

    I remember that Ronan, it was on Match of the Seventies in 1995! The shirt with yellow cuffs and neck was the ‘regular’ away, as HFK shows – – the blue was a special edition for 71 though it was introduced permanently later.

  6. Denis Hurley Says:

    It’s fitting that Peter has posted above me, for today he has solved one of the longest-running Arsenal kit mysteries.

    As other posters on here may have noticed, my personal holy grail was in finding out whether or not Arsenal played in white shirts away to Luton Town in 1974-75, when Luton wore orange.

    I had heard this anecdotally, but the Luton programme for the game listed Arsenal’s home colours on the back and subsequent Luton and Arsenal programmes did not carry pictures of the game, nor did national newspapers.

    Before Christmas, I contacted The Luton News and got a reply saying that they didn’t have any archives on site, but that the Luton Museum would have old issues.

    That was going to be my next port of call but then Peter got in touch on the subject and it turned out that he was a step ahead of me and had the museum on the case.

    You can imagine my delight this morning when Peter emailed with the following picture attached:

  7. Ronan Smith Says:

    Great stuff Peter, good to see those photos including the one and only Terry Mancini. Terry, of course, also managed to get called up for Ireland in the early ’70’s. Have you ever heard the story regarding Terry and the National Anthem Denis? Absolute classic.

  8. Denis Hurley Says:

    I have heard it, but have also heard another version where it’s Joe Kinnear who didn’t know. Great story nevertheless!

  9. Ronan Smith Says:

    No it’s definitely Terry! Going back in time reminds of revered Arsenal kit man Tony Donelly. Dubliner Tony retired after the 1994 Cup Winners Cup final after many years in the job, I was good friends with his son Richard (we still have an occasional pint). We all used the same Social Club back then and at times Richard would wander in wearing a Sampdoria or Juventus shirt which would be too big for him! Asking him where he got them from he’d reply cooly “Oh, Liam popped in to see Mum and Dad and gave me these” Didn’t seem to mean a great deal to him! I’d be weak at the knees!! He also called me up on the Monday after the 1980 cup final to go to his house where he showed me the shirt that we would be wearing on the Wednesday night for the Valencia CWCF. To this day the most fabulous football shirt I have ever put on.

  10. Denis Hurley Says:

    That sounds amazing Ronan! Though does that mean that we have Tony to blame for these monstrosities?! and (doesn’t look too bad, but the shorts are the away ones and so have green trim!)

  11. Ronan Smith Says:

    Unfortunately that would be down to Tony! His Wife, Ethel (also a ‘Dub’) made an advert for ‘Aeriel’ or ‘Daz’ or similar that I think may have been mentioned on here years ago, its from around 1983 and featured many of the team from that time (Charlie Nicholas is almost certainly in it) I believe it’s still on ‘YouTube.’

  12. Denis Hurley Says:

    Brilliant, must check that out! Pity he’s not still in the job, I’ve a load of questions on Arsenal kit and the AFC Communications Department (probably wisely) refused my request to interview Vik Akers

  13. Ronan Smith Says:

    Unfortunately Tony is not with us anymore (RIP) he would have been a wonderful interviewee for you Denis.

  14. HArry Says:

    Has anyone got photographic evidece of the blue keepers shirt from 88-90? Worn at Plymouth and/or by the ladies team. Cheers.

  15. Denis Hurley Says:

    Never seen that Harry, though David Seaman did wear a blue jersey in 1990-91 (and possibly 91-92) against Norwich

  16. HArry Says:

    Aye. He wore blue in 91-92 against Liverpool (when their away was green) and, i think, Panathinaikos in the Makita.

    But I’m thinking of the season(s) before.

  17. Denis Hurley Says:

    Oh good call on Liverpool in 91-92, hadn’t thought of that! I think I know the one you’re on about, basically a light blue version of the green with white collar, something like this?

  18. Denis Hurley Says:

    Actually this is probably a better example:

  19. HArry Says:

    Aye, either of those. Peter Rapley has a pic, I think, but I can’t find a link. Post it Mr Rapley! :)

  20. Denis Hurley Says:

    Alas, no:

  21. Ronan Smith Says:

    Fabulous photos of Arsenal goalkeeping jerseys. I see a reference being made to the 1979 shirt worn by Pat Jennings. If you’re ever in Tralee, Co. Kerry Denis I can point you in the direction of a great, great friend of mine (who also runs the Arsenal Tralee Supporters Club) who has this jersey framed in his hallway, signed by Pat himself. It was passed onto his father immediately after the game by Tony Donelly!

  22. Tony Says:

    Pat Jennings was wearing a white goalie top away v Middlesbrough in 82/83 FA Cup game recently repeated on the big match revisited when we had our green/blue away kit..

    Dont know if he wore it every time we had the away kit on.Dont think we were on tv often back then being a mid table team.

  23. Tony Says:

    So Denis .. was that away kit at Luton all white or all yellow??

    Really cannot tell on the b/w photos

    Great detective work by the way to all involved.

  24. Denis Hurley Says:

    George Wood also wore the white Tony, and I think there might have been a red GK shirt too, worn when the green was used against non-red teams.

    I wonder if any comment was passed at the time about Arsenal keepers wearing a white shirt and navy shorts…

  25. HArry Says:

    The ‘red’ keeper top from 82/83 was actually orange. worn, bizarrely, at … LUTON! When they had orange sleeves! Arsenal keepers wore four colors that season – green, blue, white and orange.

  26. Tony Says:

    Just found the Luton game on youtube.. looks Red to me..

    Red shirt Navy Shorts and Green/Navy Hooped socks.. very colourful outfit

  27. Denis Hurley Says:

    Was the blue the royal that Peter has on his site? Navy with green trim would have looked great with the away shorts and socks IMO

  28. Denis Hurley Says:

    I think it looks red too

  29. HArry Says:

    Let’s call it blood orange. Whichever, it’s poor planning when blue would’ve been fine.

  30. Denis Hurley Says:

    Very true!

  31. Denis Hurley Says:

    And while we’re on the subject of Arsenal, might as well plug my little project:

  32. Andrew Rockall Says:

    I just found an image of next seasons ArseAnal away shirt. A return to the classic yellow and blue!

    Jay is putting it up on the FSC website shortly.

  33. EricGeneric Says:

    Wait, Jay runs!? I never knew that.

    I love that site!

  34. Jay29ers Says:

    No no no no no. I contribute sporadically and have the ear of those who do run it. I’m more involved with

  35. EricGeneric Says:

    Oh, I see.

  36. HArry Says:

    Here’s a snippet of the blue Arsenal keeper’s shirt from 86-88. Oddly teamed with the 90-92 home kit!

  37. Denis Hurley Says:

    This can’t be real, can it? David Morrissey brought it to my attention:

    Number font looks wrong, as does the cannon. And of course, there is no previous evidence of it!

  38. ciaran Says:

    That looks dodgy to me.The trefoil logo was bigger than that I’d say.The JVC looks a lot more flashy than it did on the home kit.

    At least I hope its not real as it is absolutely dire.

    Buy it anyway just to be sure Denis!

  39. ciaran Says:

    Also a couple of things I have to ask.

    1. Is JVC’s shirt sponsorship deal the longest associated with any First Division/Premier League club?

    2. Are Adidas making a return to Arsenal when the current deal expires?

  40. Jay29ers Says:

    That Arsenal shirt is a DIY job and no mistake. I’m strangely impressed but definitely not a real shirt. Even putting the other issues to one side, there’s no way adidas would give Arsenal a shirt without stripes during that period.

  41. John Devlin Says:

    No way is that shirt genuine, nothing about it looks right. I’ve checked with an Arsenal shirt expert as well and he agrees.

    Ciaran, off the top of my head I would say Reebok/Bolton was the longest sponsorship deal in the top flight, possibly also Carlsberg/Liverpool was longer than JVC/Arsenal as well, not sure.

    Rumours are adidas are returning to Arsenal, possibly in 14-15 but I’ve got no confirmation either way I’m afraid

  42. Andrew Says:

    I’m pretty sure that Arsenal shirt is fake. There is no way adidas would have manufactured fotball shirts in the USA in the 1980s (or before or since). They were made mainly in the UK at that time.

  43. Peter Rapley Says:

    Better late than never (sorry, I wasn’t reading the blog more regularly)… Here’s the blue Arsenal GK shirt from 1990-92. It’s in Michael Ginnerup’s collection, but not for much longer.
    Plus, there were 2 versions of the blue Arsenal GK kit used between 1988 and 1990. I will e-mail a picture of both to Denis right now…

  44. Peter Rapley Says:

    And, while I am on here, maybe you can all help me… Arsenal wore navy blue change shirts in 1968-69 (and also vs. Man Utd in 67-68 and vs. Blackpool in 70-71). The shirts had white collars and cuffs, and a white cannon of course. But what colour was the detail stitching on the cannon? Was it blue or red? While blue is the obvious answer, it could be either, and I can’t find a colour picture of the shirt anywhere (yet). The Arsenal goalkeeper shirts from that period definitely have the details stitched in red and not green. If anyone knows, please tell me.

    Does anyone have a picture of the white Arsenal goalkeeper shirt from circa 1982-83 (also worn against Plymouth by the way)?

  45. Ronan Smith Says:

    Can’t help out with a picture Peter, but I’m almost certain that the white goalkeepers jersey was also worn at West Ham that season (when the green away was worn by the outfield players).

  46. HArry Says:

    Any chance you can email me the pics too, Dennis?

  47. Denis Hurley Says:

    Here is the pic:

    Can’t find a snap of the white GK shirt, best is this at Middlesbrough, blink and you’ll miss the fact that the markings are red though:

    This, coupled with the traditional green, red (worn at Luton) and blue (presumably at Stoke and Sunderland) surely makes it the first instance of a team having four dedicated GK shirts?

    Incidentally, in this season Arsenal wore the away shorts with home shirts at Everton, would have looked well with the socks were it not for the green trim

  48. HArry Says:

    Can you repost the pics, Denis? You’v tried to link them from your gmail.

  49. Denis Hurley Says:

    Sorry HArry

  50. Peter Rapley Says:

    Thanks for the YouTube link; that’s a blue cannon and a red number on Pat’s white shirt there I believe.

    My apologies for the quality of the blue GK shirt picture. It was scanned from the 89-90 Arsenal vs. Liverpool programme, and the original is only about 2 inches by 1 inch if that.

    Tony, you asked if the kit worn vs. Luton in 1974-75 was all yellow or all white. Well, Luton were in orange, and I can’t believe orange vs. yellow wouldn’t have been seen as a clash. And why wear the red home socks with the yellow away kit? As far as I know, Arsenal didn’t start wearing yellow shorts until 1992-93, but I could be wrong. By the way, they also used a red GK shirt again in 1992-93, against Blackburn:
    It’s basically the same as the Glasgow Rangers GK shirt from the same year. Anyway, back to the Luton game… I tried contacting Harry Dobkin who was the photographer who took the pictures to see if he could help, but I never received a reply. He was, until recently, chairman of the Dunstable Photographic Society. There is a 2nd picture that almost makes it look like there is a cannon on Peter Simpson’s shirt, but it may just be mud. I will continue looking for a colour picture, but if anyone gets the chance to ask Sammy Nelson about the game in the meantime…

  51. HArry Says:

    Peter – Arsenal first wore yellow shorts away at Southampton in September 1991. See about half way down this page ( which shows a photo from that game on the front cover of the following game’s programme.

    And thanks for sharing the photo of the two blue GK tops from 88-90. The one in the back row was the blue version of the shirt that Lukic wore in 89-90. The one in the middle row is a blue ‘Toni Schumacher’ style adidas shirt, the green style of which was worn at various points beteen 87-89.

    From the link I posted in post 36, above, it looks like the blue Schumacher shirt was also used by the ladies team in 90-91.

    PS. I like how the Arsenal programme refers to the ladies as the “womens team”. :D

    PPS Peter – do you have any thoughts on the mystical Arsenal third shirts being discussed here – You might even make mine and Jay29ers’ day by knowing something about the Liverpool white keeper top from 88/89!

  52. Andrew Rockall Says:

    Any idea what they’ll wear at WHL today? Spurs needlessly wore the 3rd kit in the first meeting this season. Will it be Red White Red and a shorts clash (no issue with this) or the ‘traditional’ Purple & Black?

  53. Denis Hurley Says:

    I would be shocked if it wasn’t the home kit with red socks, that’s what they did the last time Spurs were all-white, in 2007-08

  54. Andrew Rockall Says:

    Red shirts, Red socks and a few Red faces!

  55. Peter Rapley Says:

    Please see my post over in the Leeds orange shirt discussion thread about that dodgy blue and white Arsenal 3rd shirt (dodgy being the operative word)…

  56. bubbygooner Says:

    Further to the white shirts v Luton,Arsenal also wear all white v Burnley away 67-68.When I first saw it on youtube I thought it could be white,could be yellow.Then Kenneth Wolstenholme declares that Arsenal will be playing in all white.Mystery over!

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