Aston Villa Kits

Posted by John Devlin


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  1. Chris O Says:

    Great work, John!

    I have to say of all the designs above, my absolute favourite has to be the Le Coq Sportif home kit from 1981-83. It seemed such a leap forward into modern design at the time that it was almost like seeing the future.

    Simple and stylish – a perfect combination.

  2. Nick Durham Says:

    Well done John! Didn’t Villa have some great Reebok designs during the mid/late 90s?

    Can I just ask, though, where the lace-up Umbro home from 92-93 is?!

  3. john b Says:

    Fan of the Le Coq kits too,very nice designs.

  4. John Devlin Says:

    Look carefully Nick, it is there…ahem…

    Actually this page was only a test run of how I plan to feature all my kits on the site! Somehow the URL leaked out but nobody was supposed to see it!!

    Got Arsenal done as well:

  5. Nick Durham Says:

    My mistake John! Oh how I loved the 95-96 home and away kits, brilliant!

  6. Mark Jessop Says:

    As a kid I remember getting a Villa kit with pale blue shorts (can’t remember why now as I’ve been a life long Leeds fan)back in the early 70’s. I’m surprised to see that they’ve only done this once since – in 2000 – as to me it works so much better than white shorts.

  7. EricGeneric Says:

    I agree about the light blue shorts on Villa kits, Mark. It’s amazing to think they have only had this once, as you say. Although, you do see them use light blue change shorts against teams in white shorts, quite often. So maybe that’s why it feels like they have done it more.

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