Barnsley Home Kit 1989-90

Posted by John Devlin

BARNSLEY-H-89-90As anyone who has read my books will confirm, I’m not one eager to negatively criticise kit design as I realise that such a matter is always subjective. Having said that, it is difficult to find anything too positive to say about this truly extraordinary shirt from the kit design era that taste forgot: the late 80s/early 90s. Made by Beaver International who specialised in lower league outfits, the jersey dispenses with the club’s traditional all-red colour scheme and is instead white with a red yoke liberally adorned with a bold display of stars – a motif rarely seen on football shirts. Topped with thin shadow stripes, a wrapover V-neck and the sponsorhip of Shaw Carpets it is, it has to be said, probably the least popular of all Barnsley kits over the years.

Worn in: Two excellent wins over eventual Division 2 champions Leeds United (1–0 at home, 2–1 away). Also worn in a 7–0 drubbing at the hands of West Brom.
Worn by: Paul Futcher, Steve Agnew, Owen Archdeacon.

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  1. Denis Hurley Says:

    I can remember in the 92-93 season, Shoot used to have a ‘Good, Bad and Ugly’ section, picking three kits from a club’s history.

    No prizes for guessing what category this was in…

  2. Rich Johnson Says:

    Just submitted a comment, which didn’t appear, then tells me I’ve already submitted it if I try again? :(

  3. Rich Johnson Says:

    What I said was…
    Were the stars supposed to represent something or was it just a random adornment? The 2 big stars make it look like a pron mag in a petrol station! (one assumes…ahem)

  4. Rich Johnson Says:

    oooh…wonder if it was because I used the pron word (but spelled correctly)? I’ll shut up now…

  5. John Devlin Says:

    Hmm…very strange Rich – I’ve no idea why the stars are there – maybe some Tykes fans can shed some light on the matter? And get your head out of those magazines – the’yre no good for you you know!!

  6. Rich Johnson Says:

    Yeah they’re not now cos all I can picture is Barnsley players! MY EYES!!!! ;)

  7. Rich Johnson Says:

    Speaking of stars on kits, I did like the USA kits from the 94 world cup, both based on the flag.

  8. Denis Hurley Says:

    Rich, I tried typing the correct version of pron too and it didn’t work!

  9. Rich Johnson Says:

    Try google…works fine there ;) thanks for solving the mystery tho Denis.

  10. John Devlin Says:

    Ahhh, Rich, Denis – I’ve just remembered – the ‘p’ word was one I’ve added to my spam list! Thats why your comment didn’t come through.

  11. amir Says:

    Didn’t Northampton have a starred kit more recently? Something about forces bring them more lucky, I think I heard?

  12. John Devlin Says:

    I’ve had a little dig around Amir but can’t find any mention of Northampton’s stars kit. Any idea when it was worn?

  13. Rich Johnson Says:

    Amir…you have a very good eye for detail…The 1998/99 Prostar kit Northampton wore did indeed have stars on…one on each sleeve and loads on the front…all part of the Prostar branding. Hope the link below works…

  14. John Devlin Says:

    My God! I have NEVER seen that kit before – isn’t it bizarre? Thanks Rich…

  15. Rich Johnson Says:

    Had a quick scoot round the interweb and found something that looked like it could be ‘remembered’ as a star pattern on the chest. On closer inspection, it turns out the bit on the chest wasn’t star shaped in the end, but happened to consist of loads of stars instead :)

  16. john b Says:

    who’s barnsleys striker? evil knievel? thats one awful shirt!!

  17. Jon Says:

    I remember this shirt when I was a kid and even then I thought it was a shocker. Mad to think that in Barnsley’s history every home kit design has been quite restrained, apart from this one.

    Anyway its funny how someone mentioned a petrol station – white six-pointed stars on a red background looked a bit like the symbols used for leaded petrol at the time (2 or 4 star)!

  18. Leeds Kits Says:

    Barnsley played in a navy shirt and white shorts at Elland Road that year.The result was five star performance, i suppose ?

  19. Leeds Kits Says:

    Just seen a picture of Wilson Palacios in a Honduras kit .Looks to have five stars on the upper chest ?

  20. Roy Ebsary Says:

    Port Vale couldn’t wear their first choice away white shirts at Barnsley in October 1989 because of the large amount of white on these Barnsley shirts. Instead, they had to borrow Barnsley’s blue away shirts (the ones mentioned as being worn at Elland Road). Port Vale must not have brought their yellow away strip with them. So Vale ended up wearing blue shirts, black shorts & white socks! However, it didn’t do them any harm as they won 3-0.

    Yet in the return fixture, Barnsley did wear these red shirts at Vale Park while Vale wore their first choice kit of white shirts, black shorts & white socks.

    The following season (1990-1) Barnsley’s red home strip used the same design as the blue away of the previous season. So for the 1989-90 season, Barnsley home away strips had completely different designs!

  21. Roy Ebsary Says:

    “Port Vale couldn’t wear their first choice away white shirts at Barnsley”

    Sorry, meant their first choice (home) white shirts!

  22. John Devlin Says:

    Thanks for that info Roy – you certainly know your stuff!

  23. Roy Ebsary Says:

    Thanks, John. All painfully in the memory!

  24. Craig Houghton Says:

    I collect, buy and sell football shirts from the 80’s to the current day and this is one I would love to get my hands on. I have had so many requests for this shirt in the surrounding areas of Barnsley but no joy, artwork again is fantastic John. I have both your books and have just stumbled across this site. I was always drawing kits when I was a child in the 80’s and get a real buzz from looking at these pictures.

  25. Tyke Says:

    This kit is legendary around Oakwell, ask a lot of Reds fans and this is their favourite shirt of the past, its turned into a bit of an icon, probably for the wrong reasons. Its quite difficult to get your hands on it but l have a boys one and so does my brother, in fact he was the mascot in this shirt against Leeds Utd.

    I do believe one sold on ebay recently for over £100.00

  26. Nick Powell Says:

    Indeed, this kit has become stuff of legends amongst the Barnsley faithful! The Barnsley fanzine, West Stand Bogs has this year issued charity Christmas cards inspired by this kit!

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