Sheffield Wednesday Kits 1977–2011

Posted by John Devlin

Due to public demand I’ve decided to publish online the complete set of Sheffield Wednesday kits that I produced for TRUE COLOURS VOL 2 but was refused permission to include in the book. I’ve updated them in my new illustrative style and have also included the club’s most recent outfits.

Sheffield Wednesday Home Kit 1977-1983Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 1977-1983Sheffield Wednesday Third Kit 1977-1983Sheffield Wednesday Home Kit 1983-1984Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 1983-1984Sheffield Wednesday Home Kit 1984-1987Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 1984-1986Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 1986-1988Sheffield Wednesday Home Kit 1987-1988Sheffield Wednesday Home Kit 1988-1989Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 1988-1990Sheffield Wednesday Home Kit 1989-1991Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 1990-1992Sheffield Wednesday Home Kit 1991-1993Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 1992-1993Sheffield Wednesday Home Kit 1993-1995Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 1993-1994, Third Kit 1994-1995Sheffield Wednesday Third Kit 1993-1994Sheffield Wednesday Fourth Kit 1993-1994Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 1994-1995  Third Kit 1995-1996Sheffield Wednesday Home Kit 1995-1997Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 1995-1996, Third Kit 1996-1997Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 1996-1998Sheffield Wednesday Home Kit 1997-1999Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 1998-2000Sheffield Wednesday Home Kit 1999-2000Sheffield Wednesday Home Kit 2000-2001Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 2000-2001Sheffield Wednesday Third Kit 2000-2001Sheffield Wednesday Fourth Kit 2000-2001Sheffield Wednesday Home Kit 2001-2003Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 2001-2002  Third Kit 2002-2003Sheffield Wednesday Third Kit 2001-2002Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 2002-2003Sheffield Wednesday Home Kit 2003-2005Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 2003-2004Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 2004-2005Sheffield Wednesday Home Kit 2005-2007Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 2005-2006Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 2006-2007Sheffield Wednesday Home Kit 2007-2009Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 2007-2008  Third Kit 2008-2009Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit 2008-2009sheff-wed-h-09-11sheff-wed-a-09-10sheff-wed-a-10-11

115 Responses to “Sheffield Wednesday Kits 1977–2011”

  1. Chris O Says:

    Wonderful stuff, John! The first one I remember was the home strip of ’84-87. I also have hazy memories of that rather odd green and white away kit not long after, too!

    Not too fond of the home kits featuring narrow stripes, but I believe it’s a valid design as you’ve got to try something different every once in a while.

  2. Andrew Rockall Says:

    Good to see the 93-94 4th kit that actually caused more problems than it solved at St James Park!

  3. Matt Reid Says:

    Brilliant. I’ll always remember the Bukta kits from the early 80s but my personal favourite is the yellow and black away kit from ’92-93. Didn’t Chelsea nick it the season after we ditched it?

  4. amir Says:

    Talking of the 93-94 4th kit, I believe ESPN Classic(UK) have shown that game recently as part of their ‘Season to Remember’ season of Premier League football games.

    Looking at it on tv, I cannot see why Newcastle did not wear their home kit. The Wednesday kit looks very much white with black trim rather than white and black.

  5. john Says:

    those ‘Finlux’ shirts were awful!!

  6. John Devlin Says:

    Thats it John – straight to the point! The template used on the green shirt was also produced in a similar red and white version for Chelsea which was equally as bad.

    I agree Chris (by the way you were quick off the mark, I was still uploading these when you commented!) I’m not a fan at all of the thin stripes. It happened a lot in the 80s though. When I first got seriously into kits there was so many similar designs around I didn’t realise so many teams used to play in stripes. My personal Owls favs were the first Umbro home and away kits – really elegant and classy.

    Incidentally, I wonder if the club ever played in a third kit during the 80s? Can’t track one down but someone out there might know.

  7. Jon Says:

    I don’t think they used a third kit in the 80’s from what I can remember. Looking back I don’t think there were any instances that necessitated the use of a third kit.

    I remember that pin-stripe kit of 1987, it was a strange kit and on TV the shirt looked like plain white because the blue pinstripes were too feint from a distance. I think this was the reason behind the change to blue shorts the following season, as Wednesday seemed to look like Leeds in televised matches!

  8. Bjoern-Terje Nilssen Says:

    My only wish is that you could make every kit, not only one with MHS-logo, but all four shirts with different logos. Also the Rumbelows shirt with presumable special memorabilia badge or text!

  9. Bjoern-Terje Nilssen Says:

    According to the away kit of 2005-2006, Sheffield Wednesday wore the Black away shirt, white shorts and black stockings when they played away to Luton Town, Preston North End, Southampton and Derby County. Away to Crystal Palace and Watford they wore the black shirt, the white shorts and also white stockings!

  10. John Devlin Says:

    Yes, bit of ineffective kit really that black one – the official shorts and socks were black (in fact, the same as the home) but quite often, as Bjoern-Terje points out, the shirt was worn with the white change shorts and socks from the home kit. They all seemed to work pretty well together though so no harm done!

  11. Jon Says:

    Is it me or is the 99/00 home shirt missing from the gallery? That particular kit seemed to start the god-awful trend of striped shirts having plain backs, a problem that made some officials at UEFA’s eyes light up.

  12. John Devlin Says:

    Jon, you’re quite right! Well spotted, its all done, I shall add it later today. Thanks.

  13. John Devlin Says:

    The missing 99/00 home shirt has now been added.

  14. Bjoern-Terje Nilssen Says:

    Can anyone tell me exactly when the Finlux shirts were used. I can imagine the first one; “Finlux TV was in use during the 1985-1986 season, and the “Finlux TV VIDEO” was in use during the 1986-1987 season! But when did the “COLOUR TV” shirt make their apperances, during both seasons or just at the end of the first or at the start of the second?

  15. John Devlin Says:

    I’ll do what I can to find out Bjoern-Terje. There was a lot of chopping and changing of sponsors logos on Owls shirts in those days.

  16. Andrew Rockall Says:

    I have been wondering why Wednesday wore their 4th kit at St James’ Park in the infamous kit cock up game of 93/94 when the 3rd kit of yellow would have completely negated the need for Newcastle to change as well? Does anyone know why this was?

  17. Jon Says:

    If I recall the yellow third kit was introduced later in the 93/94 season, not just because of that incident at Newcastle but also for use in the FA Cup, as the FA were still insisting that predominantly black strips were banned from use in the competition due to clashing with the match officials’ black kit.

    If I recall from the Sky TV commentary at the time (going back 15 years this so forgive me if I’m a bit inaccurate!), Wednesday turned up at Newcastle with two sets of away shirts – the regular black away shirt, and the white one, because they didn’t have any other change kits available.

    The referee wasn’t happy with the black kit so he asked them to wear the white one, which was even worse if truth be told, so, as was well within his right, he asked Newcastle to change their kit so that the match could go ahead!

    Funnily enough Newcastle introduced a bog standard green and navy kit for the return fixture at Hillsborough later that season to avoid a repeat of the kit clashing issue!

  18. Andrew Rockall Says:

    So that would mean the Yellow kit was the 4th kit and the white a 3rd strip, which would make sense chronologically.

  19. Jon Says:

    It would do, I’m just wondering if the yellow shirt “replaced” the white one as the designated third choice kit, and that the white kit is included here because it was actually used?

    Hopefully someone can clear that up.

    Come to think of it a repeat performance occurred in the 2000/01 season where Wednesday had that white away kit, but didn’t have a third kit to begin with. I’m sure they had to borrow a kit once for an away fixture, then introduced the green kit for one match, before finally introducing an official third kit in yellow as shown above.

  20. John Devlin Says:

    I may be wrong Jon, but I think they wore that green kit in 2 or 3 matches – I seem to remember them wearing different shorts. I’ll check and get back.

  21. John Devlin Says:

    Just checked, they wore the green kit at least twice in 00-01, gainst QPR & Gillingham, both times wearing black shorts. But I’m sure I’ve seen a photo of it with white shorts so that would make it three times.

  22. Eddie Hoyland Says:

    It seems we’re also missing the black-with-yellow-pinstripes away kit from ’93-’94. Any reason why, John?

  23. Eddie Hoyland Says:

    Scratch that, I’ve reloaded and it’s turned up!!

  24. Dave Allen Partridge Says:

    Sheffield Wednesday has recently had a regime change which has seen the unreasonable (to put it mildly) chairman and chief exec replaced by much more agreeable and popular individuals. Should there be a True Colours 3 produced at some point, I would fully expect the club’s full co-operation this time.

  25. John Devlin Says:

    Hello Dave – a few Wednesday fans have emailed to tell me that!! Thanks for the note – I do hope that maybe the Owls kits will see the light of day in print one day – with the blessing of the club. Cheers!

  26. M H S Says:

    I am MHS sponsor in 1985-86. I am looking for a shirt to buy. In 86 I gave dozens away (fool), now imposable to find. Like to get one for my grandson !!!

  27. Gavin Jones Says:

    Jon, I am sure you have the 200o away top missing as I have it at home. It was a black shirt with white sleeves and down the sides of the shirt it had a red sanderson sponser and was designed by puma. I bought one myself and we wore in a few games in the millinium season,,10304~1593755,00.html shows fans wearing it that season. Please let me know if you were aware of this shirt

  28. John Devlin Says:

    Hello Gavin, thanks for your message. I certainly wasn’t aware of that kit and can’t find any pictures of the side wearing it in action. Do you know what games it was worn in? Or better still have an image of the full strip? Cheers.

  29. Mick Lecton Says:

    that was a goalie top.

  30. John Devlin Says:

    Thank you Mick! I must say, I did scour all resources for that season and couldn’t find any pics of the team wearing it.

  31. Gavin Jones Says:

    Thank you Mick, I have been looking for images of this all over the net as I bought it off ebay and believed it to be a player top. The best thing is I was adament that I had seen us wear it but obvoiusly not (must be my age).

  32. Jon Says:

    I don’t think any of the goalkeepers wore it either, well at least in any competitive matches in the 99/00 season.

    It was meant to be the second choice goalie shirt for use with the away strip, as the first choice goalie shirt was yellow with a black back in the same design. However I’d imagine the back was plain white and would have caused clashing problems with some teams, so a plain green shirt in the same design was used instead.

  33. Tony Peacock Says:

    Unbelievable! You wren’t allowed to publish these?
    Did any other clubs refuse permission?
    Its a new regime now. Im sure permission would be granted.

  34. Phil Says:

    I’m not completely sure about this, but I think I remember seeing a photo from the late ’80s of us wearing a shirt (I’m assuming it was an away shirt) of the same type as the ’87 to ’89 home kits, but with thin purple stripes instead of blue.

    Incidentally, was the sky blue third kit from 2001/2 ever worn? I assumed it was a training kit rather than a match kit.

  35. Jon Says:

    ‘m thinking the purple on the photographs was due to the printed matter in magazines or something like that, I remember seeing photographs during that era of other blue-shirted teams wearing what seemed like a purple hue in some photographs.

  36. John Devlin Says:

    Thanks for your message Tony – the whole Sheff Wed situation was a real shame. You never know, as you say, with a new regime the Owls kits may be published elsewhere yet!

  37. Matt Says:

    The Green 2000/01 kit was created mid season after Wednesday ended up playing in Tranmere’s (similar green) away kit for the match at Prenton Park. I think it was first used in a league cup match at Oldham the following week.

  38. Luke Says:

    Yea im thinking the same phil, i remember buying it, but im sure it was only a training kit

  39. Andy P Says:

    Hi John. Outstanding website, thank you so much for the effort and details. There’s one kit which is missing though, from the cup runs of 1993, the yellow away kit with black pin stripes. Chelsea had excatly the same kit a season or so after.

  40. John Devlin Says:

    Hello Andy, thanks for your kind words. Isn’t the kit you mean in the 4th row, 2nd from the right?

  41. Andy P Says:

    Yeah that’s the one! I just thought there were more black stripes! Sorry for the confusion!

  42. Owlin' Wolf Says:

    I seem to remember an occasion wheen we had to change and wear an opponents’ shirt due to a clash. I think it was a night cup tie away at Bolton Wanderers. We wore a shiny gold shirt of theirs. It would be early to mid-nineties, when they were in the division below us. Anyone else remember that?

  43. John Devlin Says:

    Welcome all Owls fans!

  44. John Devlin Says:

    Hello Phil, I’m wondering whether that purple striped shirt you mentioned may just have been a bad photo with distorted colour? Incidentally I’d be keen for confirmation on that pale blue third kit – Phil, Andy, was it definitely a training kit? If you could let me know that would be much appreciated.

    Owlin Wolf – I’ve had a dig around and although I can’t find any photo evidence Owls did play at Bolton in the League Cup in the 93-94 season (ended in a 1-1 draw) and in that season Bolton had an amber away kit. You may be right!

  45. Phil Says:

    The evidence I would’ve had for that pale blue being a training kit would have been a copy of that season’s Owls Superstore catalogue. It’s possible I might still have it knocking around somewhere so I’ll keep my eyes open for it. I think if it had been a match shirt, I would’ve bought it.

  46. Phil Says:

    And yes, you probably are right about that purple striped kit I saw – probably a printing aberration.

  47. Smyrna Wednesday F C Says:

    Well done. Why wouldn’t they give you permission?

  48. John Devlin Says:

    Hello Smyrna – I’ve no idea – I never got a straight answer re the refusal only that Mr Walker declined it. I’ve since realised (since being contacted by plenty of Owls fans) that this is not typical of the club.

  49. Robbie Crossland Says:

    Will this be updated with the current home and away kit?

  50. John Devlin Says:

    Hello Robbie, I’m still restructuring the site but yes, the Owls page will be updated shortly. What do you think of their new kits?

  51. Robbie Crossland Says:

    I really like them john, big improvement in quality as well!!

  52. Robbie Crossland Says:

    Can anyone help me out with my collection?

  53. Robbie Crossland Says:

  54. John Devlin Says:

    Nice collection Robbie – you Owls fans really love your kits! Great stuff.

  55. waddler Says:

    i do prefer the proper traditional owls badge that puma resurected on the 96-99 shirts – the one used now does look like its stuck in a 1970’s time warp.

  56. Michael Says:

    Is it possible to get hold of the white shorts and socks which were used for the 05/06 06/07 home kit aswell as the white shorts and socks that went with the 07/08 08/09 home kit. I know they werent sold in the club shop but i was just wondering if anyone has managed to get hold of a pair.

  57. Robbie Says:

    Hi John, do you have any pictures or info on Goalkeeper shirts/Kits over the years?

  58. John Devlin Says:

    Hello Robbie, I’ve been working tentatively on goalie kits – huge amount of work though and once you get to the 90s a nightmare to illustrate due to all the lairy patterns. Watch this space though…

  59. AG Says:

    Re: 37. Matt.

    I don’t understand why they would have “needed” to issue the green fourth kit in 2000/01.

    I mean, they had…

    Home – blue and white.
    Away – white.
    Third – yellow.

    Surely, they can’t have ALL clashed with anybody?

  60. Robbie Says:

    I never understood the green kit either?? if you put sheffield wednesday 2000 into it shows us playing in it at gillingham and QPR (both in blue and white??)

  61. Keith Says:

    Anyone know what kit Wednesday used in 1929 ?
    I have a pic of them in white shirts but i guess this is a change ?

  62. Richard B Says:


    What a great website. I have a few questions/ comments.

    1993/4 – I think that we also wore a plain white shirt that season making it five in all. The reason being we used to (and may still do) hold the record for the number of different kits being worn in a season. I’m sure Mr Devlin will be able to confirm/correct me on this. I’d have to find a VHS player to play the 1993/4 season review on though.

    I was at the game at Burnden Park when we wore their Gold strip. I’m not sure of the year though (I suppose this could be the 5th strip we wore in 1993/4).

    The light blue strip was definitely a training kit when it was released because I remember not buying it for that reason. The team could have worn it though therefore effectively making it a third kit.

  63. John Devlin Says:

    Hello Richard B, thanks for your comments. I wasn’t aware of a plain white shirt as well in 93-94! I will investigate further, it would be quite something to have worn 5 different kits in one season. Any idea what game it was worn in? I have my doubts about my sources for that light blue strip now – can anyone confirm it was ever worn?

  64. Stefan Stanimirov Says:

    Can someone tell how the away kits of Wednesday looked like during the 60-es and the first half of the 70-es?

  65. Phil Says:

    I haven’t been able to find the old shop catalogue that would’ve had the sky blue shirt in, unfortunately. Recently moving out of the family home hasn’t helped either…

    However, I’m 99% sure it was never worn as a match kit. If it were a match shirt, I’m certain I would’ve bought it myself – I tend to prefer buying the away kits, especially ones that are different to anything we’ve worn previously.

  66. antony Says:

    as a wednesday fan i have to say my faves are
    93-95 home
    93-94 away (i have this on my wall it was the first full kit i got i even had the tracksuit top n bottoms too lol its now on my wall as i was 8 at the time)
    94-95 away
    95-97 home (a break from tradition yes but i remember it fondly as the first season i visited hillsbrough (4-1 thumping to notts forest lol) and the year united had that god awfull diamond overlay lol)
    96-98 orange away (this looked smart)
    03-05 home (only the second i own) and both its aways (these looked even more cracking in fifa the year after the championship teams were added)
    05-07 home (the 3rd i own)
    07-08 orange away
    10-11 black and gold away is a great return to my walled fave and i hope to make this only the second wednesday away i ever own (and 4th in total rubbish collection i know but i spent the years in between collectong man utds kits cos i couldnt get hold of swfc ones lol)

  67. Simon Shakey Shakeshaft Says:

    I recently obtained in a players collection one of the white 93/94 with black pin stripe shirts. Very nice shirt and Robbie, Mr Sheff Wednesday shirt collector to me!! informs me it was never available as a replica. So quite a rare one to.

    Think i know where that will end up!! Also obtained Mark Crossley’s grey Plusnet Broadband sponsored Diadora keepers shirt in which he scored for Wednesday, so another historical one if nothing else.

    You are right John, these Wednesday fans love their shirts!

  68. antony Says:

    can i just say shakey
    i worked for sheffield wednesday during the 2000-2001 season (2000-2005 tenure as a training ground security guard) and i saw the green 4th kit once and assumed it was for the goal keepers (an old concept for sutch a young lad as i was 16 then and fresh out of school) but i am pretty sure i helped to load the yellows on the coach for the gillingham game and not the green but i could be getting my years muddled up but i do have some pics of us playing in the yellow against gillingham qpr and coventry so im pretty certain i am right
    and yes we do love our shirts but we do have some classics (tango orange all the way for me)

  69. antony Says:

    oh and phill no i dont think the sky blue third was ever worn i only ever saw them use it on the training pitch im 99% sure of that but then again i didnt get to see every game as i mostly worked saturdays

  70. boulder fire Says:

    I never understood the green kit either?? if you put sheffield wednesday 2000 into it shows us playing in it at gillingham and QPR (both in blue and white??)

  71. antony Says:

    yeah like i say i could be getting my years mixed up but i do remember playing in yellow against one of them (makes no sence to play in blue and white anyway especialy against qpr)

  72. Tony Says:

    hi thanks for sharing this great site, just wondered if any knows where i can get hold of the 93-94 white with black pin stripes and the 93-94 plain yellow to add to my collection, any info :

  73. chaz Says:


    i was looking thru them, and i spotted the ecru away strip. That is incorrect. The blue shorts was the normal shorts, and the ecru was the change strip.

  74. chaz Says:

    at Anthony:-

    the green 4th kit was wore in 2001-2002 against Oldham away in the League Cup

    just clearing that up there

  75. antony Says:

    it seems wednesday ran out of colour options at bury this week

    was that last seasons home black shorts i spotted or are they supposed to go with that shirt lol

  76. Dave Reid Says:

    I bought my first Wednesday Shirts home and away in 1984-85 season. For years after I bought them all. Except for the White with Black pinstripes worn against Newcaste in 1993-94 season. I remember phoning the club shop, and was told Puma had promised no kit changes for replica’s for 2 years, yet the yellow with purple pinstripes was available the following summer. There are various kits that I never got that were available commercially. The navy blue from 2002-03 season. The white kit from 2008-09 and the Yellow kit from 2009-10. I am not happy that you can only get the shirts at the club shop only. I live in Gillingham in Kent, so I am not in a position to just go to the club shop. Yes, mail order is available, but not ideal should I need to try the shirt on. I only just got hold of this season’s away Grey shirt, after being told a month into the season, that they not getting anymore.

  77. drake Says:

    remember them getting cleaned up at Anfield in the green and white on 8/4/89….one week prior to the tragedy at Hillsboro.No idea why they wore the strip there was no colour clash

  78. Richard Says:

    Hi Jon. This is truly outstanding can’t believe ive never found it before.
    As i have every programme in this era i created a folder sometime ago with all kits & all different options.
    I dont have that folder anymore as i never saved however i should get round to it again as i do still have the photographic evidence somewhere in the programme collection.
    As far as i can see there is nothing wrong with your shirts but if i may id like to give a few little tweets to add. I will await your say so on this first ofcause

    I am 100% certain first of all the pale blue shirt was a training shirt as i do have the catalogues & i will find these out.

  79. Richard Says:

    The 1992-93 home & away kits were played without sponsor names for the first months or so of the season as the deals didnt start till then. The sponsor names were sewn on for the initial games (as were MR TOM the season before) with the sanderson logo from above the name placed to the right of the S.
    This was also the case for the VT plastics sponsorship deal. This started with a televised match on ITV V Spurs in the autumn.
    (i will send you photographic evidence Jon)

  80. Richard Says:

    Wednesday like a few teams opted for a black away kit (this was unusual at the time) in 93-94 because Referees started to wear green however they didnt think that they would still be wearing black in the cup competions and had to wear Bolton’s away kit away in the cup. They then hurrid together the white shirt with the black pin stripe. This should have had the black shorts & socks from the away kit but when it debuted live on sky V Newcastle yellow shorts were worn. This kit was worn 3 times but on the 2nd & 3rd occassion it reverted to the black shorts & socks. On one of the occassions the same shirt had a white collar (will send you evidence Jon).
    Afterall this it meant that the all gold away shirt from the same season was brought into place as wednesday made it to the league cup semis playing & wearing this kit away on the run to the semi V man utd.
    The season after they realised the mistake & brought out the completely differant (to home & away colours) 3rd kit. The yellow & purple number.

  81. Richard Says:

    The Gold & white with black pin stripe kits from that season were never avaliable for sale to the public & are very rare to get hold off.
    Its also worth noting that untill the sanderson kits of 93-94 onwards you were never able to buy a wednesday shirt with sponsorship names on. I think this was the case for most teams in the 80s & early 90s

  82. Richard Says:

    in 2000-2001 they made another mistake. It has always baffeld me when a team’s away shirt is one of the prime colours in the home kit. It was in 2000 when the away kit was white. Early in the season at Tranmere wednesday had to wear their green away kit & a few weeks earlier at oldham wednesday had a green away kit which as above was never avaliable for sale. I think they also wore this at Gillingham later that season in the cup.
    In the new year an whole yellow away kit was produced instead.

  83. AdamTheBirminghamFan Says:

    I don’t mean to be pedantic, Richard, but the 2000-01 yellow change kit was produced before the new year, as I remember going to the Birmingham v Sheffield Wednesday league cup match in December 2000.

    I remember being surprised as I was expecting Wednesday to wear white-black-white. They wore the yellow kit again when they turned up at St. Andrews in March for the league game.

  84. Richard Says:

    yes you are correct. It was the fiest time we wore the kit, i was at both games . they only wore the kit when changing into white still clashed a little. eg Southampton in fa cup in jan etc.

  85. AdamTheBirminghamFan Says:

    They could have wore white in the games against us though…

  86. Richard Says:

    yeah agree maybe but its up the ref i suppose. and it did have blue bits in it.An away shirt should totally differan to your main colours. Evertime we have had a white one it causes problems sometimes & we need a 3rd strip. Evertime a white team comes to hillsboro they usually change & its not always needed.

  87. Richard Says:

    cheers adam for the photo. 3 wednesday legends ??? in it.

  88. David Hirst Says:

    John – excellent work, a couple of comments…….

    77-83 Bukta yellow away kit – the shorts were white with the same bukta trim as the shirt sleeves (yellow with blue stripes and blue Bukta badges). The alternative shorts were the blue with yellow trim you’ve shown.

    83-84 Bukta yellow away kit – again the shorts were white. Plain white with a blue Bukta badge. The alternative shorts were the blue shorts you’ve illustrated. I saw most Wednesday away games that season, they never wore yellow shorts.

  89. Richard Says:

    David is correct John, the 77-83 Bukta away kit featured white shorts with the blue as an alternative. Ive looked through every programe from that period & can’t find any record of yellow shorts.
    The white 3 rd shirt from that period had the bukta stripes in blue down the sleeve as in the yellow away shirt.

  90. Richard Says:

    The 1993-94 4th kit was worn 3/4 times. On one occassion we wore the yellow shorts (live on sky V Newcastle) on an other we wore black & the third time we wore white shorts . The shirt worn with that had white collar & not black.

  91. Richard Says:

    These 2 kits (93-94 3rd & 4th kits) are probably the other way round as the white one was worn first in september making it the 3rd kit & the yellow on e worn in the league cup run later in the year, ,aking it the 4th. Both kits were worn 3/4 times only & as ive mentioned before we never avaliable to buy in the club shop.

  92. Richard Says:

    The green 4th kit from 2000-01 season worn once or twice had black shorts & not white.
    As a poster has already said above the ecru away kit from 03-04 had blue shorts with the ecru ones being the alternative.

  93. EricGeneric Says:

    I’m sure the green kit was used three times, Richard.

    At QPR and Gillingham, as you say with black shorts, which were the home shorts, as QPR and Gillingham had white shorts. But I’m sure the actual shorts were white. And a unique white pair, as John illustrated, and not simply the shorts from the away kit.

    I’m sure these were used in that other game, but I can’t remember who it was against.

  94. Richard Says:

    Yes i think the 3rd games was oldham in league cup (although this was the firat game we wore it). Gonna check through the programmes to see & it should show white shorts, yeah i think they were the alternate home shorts. We usually always have a white or blue alternate short for home games when required. I wasnt aware of the QPR game as i didnt go to that one but its there in the programmes to see.

    This kit came about because when we played Tranmere early season we actually played in their away kit which was also green.

  95. EricGeneric Says:

    I still don’t understand where the yellow kit came from.

    A blue and white home, white away, and green third kit would have solved all problems, surely!?

    By the way, was that Tranmere kit the green and orange one? Although I remember them using it as their away kit in 98-99, so them still having it 2000-01 is unlikely.

  96. Tony Spike Says:

    does anyone elsethink that wednesday look better in blue shorts rather than black

    i loved the 2012 return and got narked that puma reverted last season

  97. John Devlin Says:

    Totally agree Tony – Wednesday in blue shorts seems to look much cleaner in my view. Similarly I always like seeing Watford in red shorts rather than black, more individual.

  98. Denis Hurley Says:

    Yeah I hate the new Watford kit, no red at all!

    My own preference for Wednesday is black shorts and socks, I don’t like when there are black shorts and blue socks.

  99. Tony Spike Says:

    heres another idea mates,

    since its the last year of the puma deal we should revert to umbro …..we had some classics from them and i dont want to see the brand die to be fair

  100. Tony Spike Says:

    looks like blue is back in shorts wise ……i am so pleased lol

  101. Robbie Says:

    Agree with that Tony, hopefully Umbro will make a comeback

  102. Alexander Perkin Says:

    Puma should have given Watford the King Template (same as Leicester) . With a black/Red collar. Much cleaner than what they have at the moment

  103. Tony JB Says:

    For most of the 85/86 season the home and away kits were unsponsored..

    The away sponsor Finlux Colour Tv was placed on a white background with blue border.

    not seen any photos with the away shirt using either of the other Finlux logo’s

  104. Tony JB Says:

    sorry thats the complete link for the photo

  105. Tony Spike Says:

    their is something i need to know about the puma numbering on sheffield wednesday shirts in 1992-1993/94 ish

    these and the asics numbers on blackburn shirts from the same era

    i have the premier league archives on dvd and in matches from the same season both sheffield wednesday and blackburn seem to have numbering inconsistancys ….in some they have numbers that sit flush to the kit so you can see the kit striping/halving in the small gap between the number and its outline, in other matches the gap is replaced by a solid white block, also shelfield wednesday seem to use two styles of font, one block red (matching the numbers) and another yellow and blue ….they also seem to have a habit of either placing the yellow/blue font flush on the shirt or on a blue rectangle with a white outline

    these seem to change at will …………i was wondering if anyone can shed any light on this, …perhaps they simply phased out the old ones as the season went on but im not sure ….nor am i sure what order they are in or if they were from a seperate season and its the online photos that are wrong

    arsenal seem to do the same in 97, a numberset with a nuke logo and one without

  106. Tony Spike Says:

    nuke logo? …i meant to say nike lol

  107. Denis Hurley Says:

    Not sure re Wednesday Tony, but I know that Blackburn did change in 93-94. Initially, they had the numbers flush like you say, then on a white background in ‘plain’ Asics style (as Newcastle had) before reverting to the squarer style they had had, but this time outlined in white to aid visibility.

    Not sure re Wednesday, unfortunately.

    Re Arsenal, would the set without the Nike logo have been used in Europe perhaps?

  108. Tony Spike Says:

    Possibly …its also possible that the wednesday numbers evolved the samr as the blackburn ones

    But the arsenal ones in photos they tend to have the logos but i cant remember if the logos are on the dvd or just those photos since the photos are usually of replicas with the numbers added ….im going to have to find images to confirm

    I also have some pro set cards from 92 …where one player on the derby team has the ram and the umbro logo switched round to the wrong side of the shirt with the maxwell logo looking like its been ironed on slopily ……and where a lot of umbro teams have uhlsport make their goalkeeper shirt ……..but thats a question for another time lol

  109. Tony Spike Says:

    Oh and when i say flush and not im not talking about the square they sometimes put on the back for visibility

    Im talking about having a slight gap between the edge of the number and the center that you can see the shirt through

    Then having some numbers where this gap is filled in like this

    You see im not talking about a physical outline its kind of set in on the number but what i mean is on some numbers from the same season this white line and sometimes the puma logo are clear so you can see the stripes through them

    I just thought i would clarify because i didnt feel i was clear this is what i was talking about

  110. HArry Says:

    Tony 108 – the Pro Set (90/91) card to which you refer was actually a picture flipped horizontally, with the badges etc superimposed to the ‘right’ way around.

    Same with Derek Mountfield from the same set.$%28KGrHqF,!lUE9mg+50u%28BPfbLYcJp!~~60_35.JPG

  111. Tony Spike Says:

    yep 108 mel sage ……bit of a strange thing to do unless he put his shirt on inside out that day lmao

  112. Denis Hurley Says:

    I’d assume that it was the goalkeepers’ choice rather than the clubs’ to wear Uhlsport, sponsorship agreements probably not as tight back then.

  113. Tony Spike Says:

    i had thought that tbh, but i found it interesting because the two teams in question are Derby County and Newcastle United,

    Newcastle used the half thin stripes and half thick stripes concoction that umbro made that year (with greenalls sponsor) and according to true colours 2 derby wore the same design as an away shirt that year (black and grey with red shorts and socks) so i thought that might have something to do with it,

    but personal choice is a idea i had entertained, but i did think it strange that clubs would allow that

  114. Sinead Says:

    Even as a Blade I admit to liking the 86-88 away kit. My favourite colour combo!

  115. Hackabusi Says:

    Will this be updated from 2011 onwards?

    Love the graphics used .. really good!

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