The intricacies of Umbro

Posted by John Devlin

Umbro’s new England kit has seen a return of minamlist aesthetics but for several seasons now their designs were getting ever more intricate. Complex constructions of different fabrics combined with trim and detailing that, to the average football fan watching from the terraces were barely visible. These were kits designed for replicas with particular niceties that could only be appreciated at close quarters. Consequently many of these elements did not really contribute to the overall design and it was only a matter of time before a more simple philsophy was reinstated.

I wanted to explore and look at in detail a fairly recent Umbro kit and see the detail that the design holds and thanks to the excellent service at, the best place for online soccer jerseys I was able to do so. For added interest I wanted to choose a continental shirt and selected the Umbro Olympique Lyonnais Home Jersey from the 06-08 seasons.

This shirt is available here:


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