BBC Five Live Interview

Posted by John Devlin

Short notice this one I’m afraid, but I’ve just been asked for an interview on BBC Five Live this morning (Friday 24th) regarding the worst ever football kits – all tying in with the Newcastle away kit launch!

Listen this morning at about 11.20am.

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  1. Denis Hurley Says:

    Only just spotted this now, will the interview be accessible later?

    The Guardian’s Fiver had a typically irreverent piece about this kit yesterday

  2. Rich Johnson Says:

    Which show was it on? Might be on ‘listen again’…

  3. Rich Johnson Says:

    Looks like it would have been on the Victoria Derbyshire show (11-1, hosted by Phil Williams this morn), which isn’t available to listen again :-(

  4. Chris O Says:

    Shame I missed that, John. How did it go?

  5. Rich Johnson Says:

    Addendum: If it was that show, it IS now available to listen again to :)

  6. amir Says:

    Heads up for future ‘listen again’ on BBC; give them time to put it up! Buried somewhere it does say to give them a couple of hours.

  7. Rich Johnson Says:

    It’d also help if I let the show actually finish too! I posted at 12:46 and the show runs till 1pm! LOL!

  8. Rich Johnson Says:

    For anyone listening on listen again, the interview starts around 1 hour 19 mins in.

  9. John Devlin Says:

    Thanks for listening in everyone – the interview went well, mainly about the Newcastle away shirt and its unpopularity with supporters. Apparently only 3 shirts were sold on the day of launch but I must admit I find that a little difficult to believe.
    Callers phoned in with their own favourite worst shirts. Examples included Celtic’s bumblebee shirt, Bristol City’s purple and green away shirt from the early 90s and Sheffield United’s fluorescent jersey from the mid 90s.

    Interestingly the Newcastle away shirt saga continues. They wore the kit (for the first time?) against Leyton Orient in a pre-season friendly yesterday (Sat 25 July) and they were thrashed 6-1. Not a good start for the kit. But the shirt was worn with black shorts instead of yellow – despite there being no clash with Orient’s kit. Perhaps the club have listened to supporter’s comments and decided that the shirt works better with black shorts. I have to say it did look much better in action.

  10. john b. Says:

    they wore it at darlington last weekend and won.

  11. Gavin Haigh Says:

    I have to admit when i first saw the shirt I thought it looked terrible, however Im quickly getting used to it now and indeed visited the NUFC club shop on Friday afternoon and bought it.

    Shola, Carroll, Duff, Ryan Taylor, Collochini and Alan Smith were there modelling the shirt and signing autographs.

    They have also worn the away shirt in all pre season games so far.

    Still no excuse for a horrendous display yesterday though!

    Keep the faith!

  12. Jon Says:

    Even with black shorts the cheese factory accident kit looked shocking. I reckon the Toon should just dump it and bring in a different away kit in a more restrained colour!

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