Birmingham City SOS

Posted by John Devlin

If there are any Birmingham City fans/experts out there who know a thing or two about their team’s kits (especially those of a 1970s vintage) I’d be really grateful if you could get in touch with me regarding a bit of research I’m working on. Click here to contact me. Thanks!

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  1. Mark Jessop Says:

    John, I’m no Birmingham expert but If you are researching 70’s kits I assume you are aware of the awesome rarely used Yellow, Black and Red away kit from the late 70’s. If not there is a picture of it in the 1st issue of the short lived 90’s revamped version of ‘GOAL’ magazine.

  2. Denis Hurley Says:

    I remember that feature Mark, with the info that Peter Swales burned the yellow Man City third kit after a 4-0 loss at Arsenal!

    Pity Goal didn’t continue.

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