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Posted by John Devlin

I appeared on BBC London’s Robert Elms show today at lunchtime talking about True Colours and the publishing process in general. I explained how I started trying to get a publisher for my book and what has happened since. If you’re interested and you would like to have a listen click below for the ‘Listen Again’ page on the BBC London’s site:

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  1. Denis Hurley Says:

    Nice one John, well done!

  2. Andrew Rockall Says:

    Sorry to hear that sales on volume 2 weren’t as strong as the first book. Hope this doesn’t put off any prospective publishers for any future work.

  3. Rich Johnson Says:

    Still not had chance to listen to this yet. Not overly surprised the 2nd vol didn’t sell as well as the main clubs had been covered by the 1st book so that’s a large chunk of fans already catered for. If a newer book had the last few seasons in, then it’d have the potential for massive sales due to its rebroadened fanbase. And certainly half of Sheffield at least.

  4. John Devlin Says:

    Thanks chaps for your responses the interview is only short an starts around 44-46 minutes into the show. The second book has done OK-ish but I think there needed to be more publicity and direct promotion to the clubs included.

    I worked hard to get the home nations kits included, but of course interest on an international level waned so dramatically after England flopped in the World Cup.

    If you want to see more True Colours please let the publishers know!

  5. Rich Johnson Says:

    Have you ever thought of producing spin off stuff that would appeal more directly to individual clubs? (e.g. a poster version of all the club’s kits)…or would that even be possible given the clearance issues etc? Not suggesting you haven’t, just wondering what other possibilities there could be?

  6. Chris O Says:

    Great to hear you on BBC London, John. It must certainly be a tricky business, getting an idea like yours to germinate into a full-blown final product.

    Well done on what you’ve achieved so far, though!

  7. john Says:

    i’m sure someone has done a liverpool book,with the kits and adidas adverts etc.

  8. john Says:

  9. John Devlin Says:

    Thanks John – the book came out in Spring 2007. Its a good read and essential for any kit fans. The design is a bit over fussy and its sometimes difficult to simply determine what kits were worn in what season but nevertheless the sheer volume of great photos is stunning.

  10. Ivan Says:

    So, just what can i say?
    very informative
    In your book I `ve found 250 of 600 my shirts!
    THANKSALOT from Russia:))

  11. John Devlin Says:

    Cheers Chris – I always think I sound a bit camp on the radio!

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