Kit of the Day – January Round Up

Posted by John Devlin

I’m so pleased so many of you have been enjoying the True Colours ‘Kit of the Day’ feature on both Twitter and Facebook. For any you might have missed, here is a summary of January’s kits. There’s often no rhyme or reason behind the selection, I just wanted to present a rich variety covering all decades of interesting home, away and third kits from the UK, international football and foreign domestic teams.

If there’s any kit you’d like me to feature then please send me an email via the site’s contact page, send me a tweet or a message on Facebook. Following True Colours on Twitter or liking the Facebook page is sure way to prevent missing any further kits.

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grimsby-h-81-82 lyon-e-10-11 cambridge-h-75-77 carlisle-a-95-97 barcelona-h-82-89 doncaster-h-84-87 coventry-h-98-99 bournemouth-a-11-12 dundee-h-76-80 arsenal-h-10-11 preston-h-86-87 luton-h-09-11 west-ham-a-96-97 brighton-h-85-86 blackburn-a-04-05 celtic-h-91-92 hull-city-a-88-89 barnsley-h-09-10 everton-a-74-76 wimbledon-h-91-93 burnley-a-97-98 soton-e-03-04 blackpool-h-91-93 fulham-h-81-83 wales-07-08 sweden-home-kit-12-13 hearts-a-84-85 10858379_923314124353541_2944886481223424952_n 10641080_916095901742030_6874638062734072929_n 10406842_911594122192208_8359554448916101985_n 10930850_915527351798885_4398717484221290083_n


4 Responses to “Kit of the Day – January Round Up”

  1. Tony Spike Says:

    how did that watford away make kit of the day? ….its like the odd one out in a sea of good

  2. Steve Halliwell Says:

    Carlisle & the Welsh one are my pick of a great bunch.

  3. Alan Prior Says:

    Portsmouth had an Admiral strip around 79/80.If we had the Dundee strip that would have been wicked.
    The Hearts silver away strip is a classic.It just worked and became iconic.

  4. Daniel Parry Says:

    Incredible that Barca had the same home kit for 7 seven years!!!!

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