New regular feature – The Kit Cupboard

Posted by John Devlin

I’ve added a new regular feature to the site: The Kit Cupboard.

The Kit Cupboard will take a look at kits that didn’t appear in the two volumes of True Colours and will cover domestic and foreign strips, past and present. Selection will be fairly random but there will be at least 2 updates a week. Eventually they will have their own section on the site.

Take a look at the first Kit Cupboard article –

If you have a suggestion for a kit you’d like to see in the Kit Cupboard then please let me know and I’ll do my best to include it.

11 Responses to “New regular feature – The Kit Cupboard”

  1. Andrew Rockall Says:

    John how about a Dukla Prague away kit from the Eighties?
    As immortalised by Half Man Half Biscuit.

  2. john b. Says:

    is there a limit on how far you are going back? if not can you do the 1978/79 Man United away kit,white with 3 black stripes made by admiral,its in the articles section(kit advertisements)
    And if you carnt do that how about the Munich 50th anniversary kit worn v man city.

  3. John Devlin Says:

    Good shouts Andrew & John. I’ve actually got a couple of Half Man Half Biscuit CDs from that era!
    John, funnily enough I have illustrated both those kits (the Admiral one just last week) and they will appear shortly.

  4. Andrew Rockall Says:

    On a serious note how about Carlisle’s iconic away shirt from 1998, the one in Stobart’s corporate colours

  5. John Devlin Says:

    You must be psychic! I’ve done that one as well!!

  6. jack Says:

    how about the swansea city away shirt from 1981 .

  7. Rich Johnson Says:

    Any chance you could do some international kits John? Other than the home nations that is…particularly any from the 86 World Cup or the Holland / Russia ones from Euro 88. They’d look fantastic!

  8. Andy Burton Says:


    I seem to remember Chelsea wearing a Blue/Black striped kit for the 1967 FA Cup Semi Final versus Leeds – any recollection? I’ve included it on my site for a while now.

  9. John Devlin Says:

    Cheers Jack, Rich and Andy – all good suggestions…

  10. Andrew Rockall Says:

    I watched the 67 semi at Villa Park on British Pathe news last night and Chelsea were not in striped shirts.

  11. Jon Says:

    Chelsea wore that kit in the 1966 FA Cup semi, which they lost to Sheffield Wednesday. As far as I know the kit was never worn again.

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