Notts County Kit Research SOS

Posted by John Devlin

I’m trying to track down a decent pic of Notts County’s away kit from the 93-94 season. It was a Matchwinner kit with a pale blue shirt with a mottled white and navy pattern. I have a good picture of the shirt but am struggling on the shorts and socks. If anyone could help me out I’d be really grateful!

You can contact me by clicking here.

Thank you!

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  1. #4 Says:

    Isn’t it this one?

  2. John Devlin Says:

    Thanks for that 4, but thats the home kit. I’m after the away…

  3. Andrew Rockall Says:

    John, I have found the following site:

    It only has the shirts again but maybe there is a contact at the site that can help.

  4. Says:

    John, we put out your request on our site, had in5omniac submit a youtube video of a game that season. Think that should do the business for you. You can see the shorts and socks quite well if you pause the video. Check out the comments on the article:

    Seems like this might make a fun feature whenever you need help, people are keen to assist, good responses in a short period of time.

  5. Andrew Rockall Says:

    John I have unearthed a colour photo of the full kit in action and emailed it to you.

  6. John Devlin Says:

    Thanks very much Andrew and of course the good people at

    Much appreciated!

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