South Africa Away Kit 2010-11

Posted by John Devlin

south-africa-a-10-11OK, never let it be said that I don’t back down when I’m wrong. I’ve just finished a complete set of World Cup 2010 kit illustrations and I have to admit that despite my initial reservations about them the adidas designs for the campaign are looking pretty fine. One of my particular favourites is the new away kit for the host nation, South Africa. Adidas are the master of the template. Unlike some companies, in the main, each adidas template is altered just enough for each team to give it a unique look and character.

One of adidas’ templates for the World Cup is sported by South Africa (along with Mexico) but thanks to an ingenious use of two swish shades of green, the particularly precise trim on the neck and a subtle watermark (a favourite of adidas at the moment it seems) of the South African flag on the shirts it ensures the hosts will look unique. These sorts of specific touches, designed purely for each country, was something Nike were very keen on a few years back and its interesting to see other countries also exploring this creative path.

The only mystery to me is why the country’s badge appears on the left breast rather than the right – if you know, please comment.

If you are interested in using my World Cup kit illustrations for any print or web project please contact me.

8 Responses to “South Africa Away Kit 2010-11”

  1. Rich Johnson Says:

    Can’t wait to see the full set of WC kits John. Just a shame Russia didn’t qualify as their home shirt is pure class.

  2. Jon Says:

    The SAFA badge is on the left because the Protea badge – the country’s national flower already worn by the cricket and rugby teams in South Africa, will be worn on the right.

  3. #4 Says:

    Will the World Cup kit designs be available somewhere? Or is there another book planned?

  4. #4 Says:

    …and here’s the kit with the Protea by the way:

  5. amir Says:

    It, the protea thing, got mentioned here #43 onwards:

  6. John Devlin Says:

    Thanks for clearing that up everyone – can’t find any decent pics/graphics of it though unfortunately.

  7. Katie Says:

    Will the World Cup kit designs be available somewhere? Or is there another book planned?

  8. John Devlin Says:

    Hello Katie – the current World Cup kits can be viewed here:

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