True Colours BACK ONLINE

Posted by John Devlin

Many many apologies to you all for the length of time the site has been down. The site had so many visitors in the last month that the bandwidth was exceeded. My hosting company refused to return any of my messages so it meant the site was offline until today. I’ve got stacks of stuff ready to go up – including an indepth review of the new England kit.

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  1. Rich Johnson Says:

    Speaking of the England kit, saw it today as it hit the shops. Still think it looks very classy, though, whille they said the fabric is cotton like, it’s VERY cotton like…it does feel like paying £45 for a t-shirt. Still tempte, though will probably wait till they release some more limited editions with the scroll underneath.

  2. Andrew Rockall Says:

    I’m not too sure they are gonna ever release replica shirts with a scroll.

    The collar button of the players version will carry the engraved motif ‘Player Bespoke’, while the consumer version, the same in every other respect, will carry the season instead

  3. Mark Jessop Says:

    It must be just me but I think it’s awful. Call me old fashioned but it looks like a Rugby Union shirt.

  4. john Says:

    said it before and i will say it again…navy shorts please!
    and i’ve just seen the players warming up in what appear to be judo jackets!!

  5. Graeme Says:

    I agree with Mark, although I think the entire strip makes the team look like a bunch of cricketers, or extras in a Daz commercial (“cleans all your whites, whiter than white!”). The strip really needs blue, or even red, shorts. Having said that, as a Scotland fan, some of our kits in the past few years have been absolutely dire.

  6. Rich Johnson Says:

    Watched the match tonight and have to say, the more I see the shirt, the more I love it. Just think it looks stylish, smart and serious. Does have overtones of a rugby shirt, especially given the cotton like fabric, but I just can’t help liking it.

  7. John Devlin Says:

    Interesting opinions – I think the fabric is really nice to the touch although I am curious to see how it will fare in hot weather. Remember the Puma Italy kits from a year or so ago that appeared drenched with sweat after every match. I do think as well that the England shirt would look pretty good with navy shorts – I hear that England will be wearing these when there is a clash.

  8. John Devlin Says:

    Incidentally – re the custom shirts with opposition details underneath, the Scottish FA were selling the new away kit as a limited edition with match details of the Holland game embroidered on the shirt. I can’t see the FA missing out on that idea.

  9. Rich Johnson Says:

    Would be great if they did. I twittered Umbro to ask if they had any plans to do so, but had no reply. And I finally caved in and bought one…figured that even if they do put the scroll on for limited editions, they’ll probably cost about £70 so may as well just get it.

  10. John Devlin Says:

    Whats the shirt like to wear Rich – comfy?

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