Umbro’s Walls

Posted by John Devlin

Its great to see how Umbro have got so behind England in the World Cup. They’ve gone above and beyond in their support for the team – far exceeding their role as just kit supplier.

England's walls

One of their more creative ventures is the creation of commemorative walls in the hometowns of the players and manager Fabio Capello. Each wall is situated on a building that was significant or has relevance to the early life/development of each England squad player and features their squad number and the slogan ‘Tailored by…’ followed by the town name. Its a great idea that really aims to unite the country in support for the team. How many will be graffitied by the end of the tournament though remains to be seen…

The examples shown are David James’ wall in Welwyn Garden City and Rio Ferdinand’s wall in Peckham.

For more details on where to find the walls check out Umbro’s website

David James Wall

Rio Ferdinand's wall

5 Responses to “Umbro’s Walls”

  1. Andrew Rockall Says:

    They even did one in Northallerton when Super Michael Dawson was called up. The sentiment is good, but let’s be honest it’s gained them loads of publicity.

  2. John Devlin Says:

    Thats what its all about I guess Andrew. Can’t help but think that the team have their backs against them now as well!!

  3. David Morrissey Says:

    They’ll have some job taking them off painting over them monday morning ;)

  4. David Morrissey Says:

    They’ll have some job painting over them monday morning ;)

  5. Willie Says:

    Same old story for England…
    Tailored by Umbro, slaughtered by Germany

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