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Posted by John Devlin

You may have noticed a couple of glitches in the site last week. Many apologies for this – it was due to switching hosting and although the move went pretty smoothly unfortunately the last 4 months worth of kit graphics disappeared. I’ve almost finished uploading them all again, please bear with me and all missing kits will be up shortly. Thank you.

Coming up soon:
Liverpool 10-11 kit reviews (completing the Premier League series)
An invitation to vote for your favourite Premier League kit of the year
All 10-11 Championship kits
Champions League last 16 away kits

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  1. Skelly Says:

    Glad to hear the problems with the website have been sorted out, John.

    Looking forward to the “coming up soons”…

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Skelly Says:

    This is off topic, but can you believe Arsenal have announced they will be wearing the yellow and redcurrant away kit against Blackpool at Bloomfield Road this Sunday!?

    John Devlin mentioned it on Twitter, and somebody replied that the navy blue away kit from last season hasn’t been retained as a third kit this season.

    I don’t think that is true.

    Firstly, the kit is available to buy in the Arsenal online store, listed as the “third kit for 2010/11″. It’s even advertised on the main page at

    Secondly, I’m almost certain UEFA require every team who play in the Champions League or the Europa League to have three kits. I mean, when was the last time any of the regular Champions League teams didn’t have a third kit?

    Arsenal even retained the 04/05 royal blue away kit, as a third kit in 05/06 and then they switched sponsors from O2 to Fly Emirates for 06/07, and still kept the kit, even going to the effort of changing the sponsor on the shirt, even though it was never used (because the red home and yellow away wasn’t going to really clash with anyone during that time) but did so because they need an official third kit for the Champions League.

    Also, I’m sure the only reason Aston Villa kept the white and navy blue away kit from last season, as a third kit for this season, with a new sponsor stuck on, and it hasn’t been worn this season because they don’t really need it for the Premier League – is because of the Europa League.

    Although, they ended up losing the qualifier.

    Just another baffling kit decision by Arsenal.

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