Week 6 – Premier League Kits Round-up

Posted by John Devlin


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  1. Jon Says:

    Quite a number of unnecessary changes of kits there – nonsense of the weekend surely has to belong to Watford, who decided to change their perfectly acceptable yellow, to the white away kit and cause a shorts clash.

  2. Andy Rockall - Statto_74 Says:

    Just a quick question, has anyone ever had an issue with a shorts clash for any other reason that pedantry?

  3. Denis Hurley Says:

    Never been a clarity issue for me, though I do enjoy shorts changes as I like to see various combinations.

  4. Martyn Ping Says:

    When I first started watching football in 94/95 the practice was common – don’t know whether it was mandated in the PL rules back then – so Man Utd and Forest wore black; Everton, Ipswich, Blackburn and Leeds royal blue; Villa and West Ham I believe were claret but don’t think they did it in that season; Wimbledon, Newcastle, Liverpool, Southampton, Chelsea, Norwich, Sheff Weds, Coventry, Leicester and Arsenal no change; Spurs white; Man City navy. I know even by 95/96 some of these teams had adopted change shorts (Leicester had a change blue pair when their first choice switched to white). Interestingly, would I be right in thinking that Southampton haven’t changed when their first choice is black?

    Back to the original point I do prefer to see it. It IS pedantic, but I like the ‘partial change’ and for some clubs, Utd included, it is as much a part of their history as the first choices. Leeds also used to regularly mix and match three strips of white, yellow and royal blue in the 70’s.

  5. John Devlin Says:

    What I find interesting is how the Nike Vapor kits with their ‘odd’ sock colours are creating clashes. Take Man City, the regular home kit has white socks, I can’t see City wearing a change blue pair so naturally they have to wear a complete away kit. I wonder if this Nike have contrived there ‘clashing’ sock kits to cause this very issue thereby giving more legitimate use of away/third kits?

    Just a thought….

  6. Andy Rockall - Statto_74 Says:

    I said the same on the week 2 page John. Great minds think alike!

  7. Martyn Ping Says:

    I’m a cynic so have always thought that as the case. We are frequently seeing instances of kits ‘having’ to be changed because one tiny bit clashes. And it’s not just in England; in the Bundesliga, this weekend, Bayern play Koln – you would think that Bayern would wear their red change shorts so it’ll be all white vs all red. I would however bet that it’ll be the grey and black away kit because of the white trim on the Bayern home strip. I’ll post updates!

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