Week 7 – Premier League Kits Round-up

Posted by John Devlin


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  1. Andrew Rockall - Statto74 Says:

    Completely unnecessary change by Man City. Caused the officials to change from Purple to Cyan at half time.

  2. Denis Hurley Says:

    Tbf, Andrew – it’s a fixture which has seen the teams change quite a few times in the past – though not as confusing when weather isn’t sunny.

  3. Andy Rockall - Statto_74 Says:

    Fair call Denis, City have changed at home twice against us, once we wore a home kit the other all yellow.

  4. Denis Hurley Says:

    Their changes caused by very contrasting weather conditions!

    Mid-80s, both teams began game in home kits but it was August and the shirts were shiny so red asked City to change (they kept mismatching socks on).

    In 90-91, it was a very foggy day so there were fears re visibility of City’s home kit, I presume Spurs had decided to wear yellow in any case.

  5. Martyn Ping Says:

    Think City should’ve worn the purple and orange monstrosity myself. Home probably too close to Spurs, away shorts clash.

  6. Martyn Ping Says:

    City’s psychedelic nightmare looked even worse against Barca with change shorts – I think only Barca themselves with the teal / white combo are the only ones to benefit from Nike’s ‘global template’ rubbish.

    Spurs’ gold away kit still looks weirdly orange on TV…

    Hull third not bad, but I still fail to see the wisdom of an all black away when the home is about 60% black.

    Warming to Dry World now; think the Watford home and away kits are quietly classy, now I’ve had a few chances to see them.

    Like the Burnley away, though it is a bit close to the famous West Ham away strip – can TC contributors tell me who has the most uses of an all sky away? I personally thought that Burnley’s most common away colours were either white or yellow.

    I do like the Southampton home kit, think the yoke sets it off nicely, sponsor logo not too intrusive, and (shock, horror!) STRIPED BACKS!!!

    Still not keen on the Liverpool home, a bit pedestrian to me. Though I approved of Warrior/New Balance bringing the Liver Bird back, I think they’ve been under sold on home kits since Reebok left. The second adidas one was nice, but not the other two, and I haven’t liked any since they left. But I don’t think ANY of the Reebok homes were weak.

  7. Denis Hurley Says:

    I thought the last Reebok home was poor.

  8. Martyn Ping Says:

    Was that the one with the small flashes of white under each arm? The CL winning one? ‘Cos I liked that one personally.

  9. Denis Hurley Says:

    I felt that there were too many insignificant things going on while it still somehow managed to be achingly boring!

  10. Martyn Ping Says:

    Fair comment. But I could say the same about every Warrior/NB one since they came in. To me, a classic Liverpool kit should be : white V-neck, yellow supplier & badge (Liverbird of couse), white sponsor. Just like the classic early 80’s Umbro, of course. But then I also think they should have a white / black / white away and an all yellow third, so there you go!

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