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Posted by John Devlin

Theres plenty coming up on the TRUE COLOURS site – I’ve added a new section on 08-09 kits (see top navigation) which will feature detailed illustrations of this season’s kits for all the sides that are included in both volumes of TRUE COLOURS. These will be added over the next couple of weeks.I’ve also got some more retro kit features that I hope will be of interest (especially for those of us the wrong side of 30!) and a couple of very exciting exclusives – more on those later.

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  1. Denis Hurley Says:

    Sorry to be anal John, but should the Villa shirts have ‘L Young’ on the back as they have Ashley as well as Luke?

  2. amir Says:

    How about the Villa’s alt. blue shorts, as worn vs west brom?

  3. John Devlin Says:

    Blimey, give us a chance Amir lol ! Rest assured, I’ve got them on my list of things to do and will be added tonight, but thanks for the prompt. Thank you Denis as ever, I’ve always resisted adding names to shirts as they open up various new cans of worms plus as I’ve had to recreate this font myself its very time consuming. Updates will be completed tonight along with Blackburn’s rather nice kits for 08-09.

  4. amir Says:

    Well its not the first Villa kit to have the option of blue home short, so it was not a total shock when they appeared.

    Also is it me or have purposely designed alternative ‘home’ shorts and socks(i.e. not a nip down to the nearest shop or borrowing some of the opposition’s kit) started to appear more often. Even England now have started to wear white ‘home’ shorts at home despite having white ‘away’ shorts as well.

    PS. You left the door open with the alt. Arsenal home socks.

  5. amir Says:

    Also good to see that you are showing the backs of the 08/09 shirts, now that they seem to carry designs on the back of all of them.

  6. Mark Jessop Says:

    Much appreciate the updates section. Given the time you put in on this any criticism seems a bit petty but as volume 1 finishes with the 05-06 season were missing 2 seasons worth. Any chance of the missing years. Many thanks.

  7. John Devlin Says:

    I wasn’t sure whether Villa would sport claret or blue change shorts this season so rather than guess I thought I’d wait until they needed them – which of course they did against the Baggies. I really want to include the backs of the shirts as well especially, as Amir pointed out, they feature many unique design elements there as well. Several of the new Nike kits are virtually plain on the front with all the design on the back.

  8. Jon Says:

    I could have sworn the Blackburn third kit was on the 08/09 page, it’s disappeared now… must be my internet browser being funny again (using Firefox does that to people ha ha).

    Just noticed Birmingham’s kits have been added, and an interesting point – I wonder if they are having a new third kit or retaining the plain red one from last season? I guess they couldn’t use the Ajax-like kit at Reading, or Sheffield Wednesday (or maybe QPR as well).

  9. amir Says:

    I know what you are on about Jon. Same thing thing keeps happening to me with the Villa away kit. (I notice that all the title for the other kits appear before the respective designs leaving just the odd one out)

  10. John Devlin Says:

    Jon, Amir – its me – I’m guilty! Struggling a bit with the CMS at the moment. All kits should be on there now (with plenty more to follow). Please kick my backside if I do it again!!

  11. amir Says:

    Also at this rate it will take a couple of minutes to stroll down the page by the end. Any plans on dividing the kits up yet?

    Aside from that I cannot believe the horrible combo of ‘ajax top’ and red short Birmingham could wear/have worn. Pictures need to be sent to stop umbro from doing this again!(a bit OTT i know)

  12. Jon Says:

    Looks like Fulham have yet another of what I call a “pub team” templates for their not-yet-used third kit. I guess it would get its first airing when they travel to Stoke in December.

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