Wolverhampton Wanderers Kits 2010-11

Posted by John Devlin

wolves-h-10-11Swiss sportswear company Burrda arrived in the UK with several kits for the 2010-11 season although the only outfits appearing in the Premier League are the ones they have produced for Wolves. I have to say I’m pretty impressed – although I can’t quite put my finger on why! The home shirt sees a collar return to the famous old gold shirt with neat black panels on each shoulder and down each side. Shorts and socks are fairly predestrian. I think where Burrda have succeeded where other new sportswear brands have failed when they have attempted to break into the British market is that firstly the kit fits really well – no baggy outsized jerseys – and secondly that they have kept their design traditional and simple and not attempted to make too much of a ‘brave’ design statement. My only slight criticism is that it is odd having piping on the shorts and yet not on the rest of the kit but this may be explained when we look at the away kit…

wolves-a-10-11The away sees the return of the ever-popular all-black Wolves strip. Following a tried and tested change kit policy the strip simply reverses the colours of the home (maintaining the design) and simply adds a different neck design. The black shorts differ from the home pair in that they feature a broader old gold trim that is a far more logical match to the side bars on the shirt. In my view these shorts would have worked better with the home strip as well but clearly the club wanted to differentiate between the home and away pairs.

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  1. Denis Hurley Says:

    Can’t see the pics?

  2. Skelly Says:

    Yeah, I can’t see the illustrations either, Denis. Guess it’s due to do with the host switch over.

    I did see them on Monday night when they were posted though, and they looked great, as usual.

    I posted a comment on Monday night, but I suppose it got lost with the host switch and everything.

    So here it goes again…

    On FIFA 11, the computer game, Wolves have a third kit, or as they call it an “alternative” kit – as well as the gold home and black away.

    Here’s a picture – http://img716.imageshack.us/i/wolvesfifaalternate.jpg/

    Is this real? I notice John doesn’t mention anything about a third kit in the write up. It seems odd if the makers of the game have just made it up, as, as far as I can tell, none of the other Premier League teams have any made up kits in the game.

  3. John Devlin Says:

    Yes sorry chaps! Few teething troubles with the new hosting. I’ll put the pics up again. Skelly, thank you for reposting, I was going to dig your comments out and put them back up myself.

  4. Denis Hurley Says:

    Nice find Skelly, had never seen that! It reminds of the kit Barcelona wore in a friendly against Man City in 2009 http://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/89937700/Getty-Images-Sport

  5. Skelly Says:

    Yeah, it does, Denis!

    I remember being baffled by that Barca kit in that match, what was it all about!?

    Back to the mystery Wolves third kit – anybody know anything about it? Is it real? Or, just made up by the makers of the game?

  6. Sean Churchill Says:

    I work in Wolverhampton (unfortunately) and I’ve never seen anyone wearing that shirt. Looking at the badge it looks like it might be a one off anniversary shirt perhaps?

  7. Sean Churchill Says:

    Having said that, the posters on the Wolves forums seem as baffled as the rest of us.

  8. Nick Says:

    Does anyone else find it bizarre that the away shorts are ever so slightly different to the home, despite an identical colour combination? I mean if you’re gonna make them that close, then why bother making them different?

    Sorry to be a bit righteous, but it’s wrong on both an aesthetic and environmental level!

  9. Skelly Says:

    @Sean Churchill – Thanks for the reply.

    @Nick – I agree with you. Actually, I don’t know why they didn’t just have the away kit as an exact reversal of the home kit, instead of the four small changes.

  10. Denis Hurley Says:

    Totally agree re the shorts Nick, other bad examples I can think of are Aston Villa in 97-98 and Manchester United in 02-03

  11. Andrew Rockall Says:

    I don’t know why they didn’t have Gold away shorts which would give them the option to mix and match. I remember Wolves alway wearing all gold against Spurs in days gone by.

  12. Skelly Says:

    By the way, maybe it’s just my computer, but do all the pictures of the kits on the blog page look lower in quality to anyone else since the host switch?

  13. Skelly Says:

    You know, I’ve just realised that all 20 Premier League teams have a new home kit for this season.

    Is that a record?

    Seems odd that nobody has a home kit in the second year of it’s cycle…

  14. John Devlin Says:

    Hello everyone – Skelly is right – it seems all images added from the last 5 months have been lost in the move. The people looking after the move have salvaged some from the web but unless I have success from the old hosting company I will need to re-upload all images. Sorry – but please be patient and I will get them up as soon as I can (this weekend)

  15. ciaran Says:

    A good set of kits here and a bit more modern than the LCS kits of last year.similar to the puma kits of the late 90s in a way.

    I’m a bit disappointed with burrda so far.they make leicesters (who I support) kit but like the watford and Belgium horror the logo is placed just below the neck which is all wrong.

    There is potential there though.

  16. Jon Says:

    I remember seeing that Wolves “alternate” kit in FIFA 11 and was also baffled by it. I’ve known from the past that the makers of the game often get details of the team kits well in advance for their graphic designers to make the kits before the game is finalised and then shipped.

    But as we know, sometimes kits you see on the drawing board often get changed ever so slightly when the finalised versions are decided upon and produced, as John himself will probably know from the Wolves away shirt of 2006/7 (which was slightly different to the design in the book). In some cases some kits which get designed or even reach the prototype stage don’t ever see the light of day as a replica. This has happened a lot with previous versions of the FIFA computer game, because they have so many kits to draw in such a short space of time.

    Whether this mysterious kit was planned by the Wolves board, and then shelved, we’ll probably never know. In the official Premier League Handbook, the Wolves page has details and illustrations of the home and away kits, and the third kit section has “To be advised”. Also through observation the stripe colours are not unlike those used in the “Help For Heroes” campaign. Maybe the thought of a white kit with blue on it (cough – West Brom!) wouldn’t have gone down well with the Wolves faithful.

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