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  1. UEFA and their daft resultations on kits meant some oddities, including France wearing an all-blue kit against Romania, and Austria and Poland swapping each others’ shorts. I’d love to meet the penpusher in their swanky office in Nyon who came up with the idea, and ask them if they’re myopic and/or colourblind!!

  2. Teams like England, Germany and Spain must be a nightmare for those penpushers. Although France and Italy have crumbed already (England only seem to wear white home shorts in friendlies and qualifiers).

  3. All red v all blue tonight, WTF?! Croatia have yet to wear their home, haven’t they? Any red team has a white away and any white team has a red one!

  4. I thought the same thing Denis. What happened to the dark/light rule? Poor old Croatia – they seem to be suffering because their home strip (with equal amounts of red and white) is too distinctive and creative and clashes with every team the’ve played! The’ve got no option but to wear their change kit.

  5. Has anyone noticed that UEFA allowed both Sweden and Spain to wear blue shorts in their match?
    Under their rules surely Spain should have been made to wear their white away shorts like they did against England last year.

  6. I can see the awful scenario of Spain and Germany meeting in the final and Spain having to wear red-white-navy

  7. Just a gut feeling, as far as I am aware, Germany haven’t worn white shirts with anything other than black shorts and white socks

  8. Just as an aside, the last time they played in February 03, both wore their normal shorts, so this might happen

  9. Considering that UEFA allowed Sweden-Spain to be played with both in blue shorts, I think you are probably right about both wearing home shorts.
    In theory, Spain are more likely to have to switch as the ‘away’ team and also have in the past worn a red-white-navy combo, while as Denis says Germany always wear white-black.

  10. So what is exactly is FIFA’s/UEFA’s specific ruling/directive towards kit clashes for internationals now then? And does this apply just to the tournaments’ final stages or qualifying as well?

    From the comments I have read, as an example, if say England play Italy at the next World Cup, under the current “rules”, both teams would change their shorts so England play in all white and Italy in all blue. Where is the sense in that?? Really don’t understand.

  11. Also, does anyone have any idea why Spain and Russia wore their home colours for their group match but when they played each other again in the semi, they both wore their away strips?

  12. Russia’s preferred home kit is red, despite it being official white, re:look at 08 qualifiers.
    So as ‘home’ team Russia chose red, thus forcing Spain to wear yellow/gold/mustard/s***/whatever colour adidas calls it.

  13. I’m interested why Holland switched to orange socks when they could have worn blue ones the whole time.

  14. If England played Italy, I think they’d play in their normal kit with Italy in all-blue, like when Italy played USA in World Cup 06.

  15. Amir. Thanks for that. I thought Russia’s away kit was red and home one was allwhite.

    Denis. Yes, on reflection that makes sense in line with the Italy v US game. Surely though, logic says that white shorts clash less with navy ones than azzurri blue. These new colour clash rulings are really weird.

    I’ve just won an Italy 2006 World Cup replica on e-bay. Lovely shirt.

  16. Hi Rothko,
    the thing is though, I don’t think there’s any actual rules about shorts not having to clash. Shirts must be different colours, for obvious reasons, as must socks, for linesmen trying to tell offside.
    I think what UEFA and FIFA do is look at the kits as whole units rather than three separate parts and, taking Italy v USA as an example, probably decided that Italy’s white shorts could cause confusion with USA’s white shirts and shorts.
    I’m not fully sure of this, just surmising, could be totally wrong!

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