True Colours Volume 1 – out of print

I recently found out the great news that the first volume of True Colours has now completely sold out and is officially ‘out of print’. Although I’m delighted that the book has been so popular it is a shame that it is now no longer easily available (although I believe some copies can still be purchased via Amazon’s Marketplace).So if you would like to see a new, improved and updated version of True Colours in the bookshops then please email the publishers A&C Black ( and let them know!

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  1. True Colours is a dream come true as I have always been interested in the evolution of football kits and have longed for a record of these designs documented.
    I instantly purchased both volumes upon release and would love a new version – possibly with kits of other international teams (Brazil, Italy, etc.) and those from the Scottish PremierLeague, Serie A and La Liga!

    Thank you for reading.

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