Happy Christmas

At long last my normally trusty iMac is back from the repair shop meaning I can at last catch up with all the many jobs I’ve been unable to do…the first being to wish all supporters of True Colours and visitors to the site


Thanks for all your support, your messages and comments on the site, they are much appreciated.

What’s coming up on the site
I hope to finish the 08-09 updates very soon and there will also be a short feature on Birmingham City kits from 1970-1980, all the Sheffield Wednesday kits that were missing from True Colours Vol 2 and for all old Roy of the Rovers fans a feature on Melchester Rovers kits throughout the years!

Plus, coming soon some very exciting news for all Liverpool fans…watch this space.

Enjoy the rest of the Christmas break.

18 Replies to “Happy Christmas

  1. Merry Xmas to you John and to all the other regulars on the site. Looking forward to finally seeing the Sheff Weds kits. All the best for 2009.

  2. Looking forward to the Melchester kits! I always loved the late 70s/early 80s kit, with the single vertical yellow stripe. Ah, happy days……

  3. In the longer term, it would be great to see something on some of the big European teams (although if it’s hard to find English stuff, abroad must be even worse !)

    I’m particularly intrigued by Bayern Munich’s kit. Why on earth did they switch from the classic all-red Adidas to a knock-off Crystal Palace kit?

  4. Hi John hope you had a good Christmas, it will be interesting to see those Sheffield Wednesday kits at last… they’ve had their fair share of curious kits over the years (including four in one season not once but twice!!!!).

    Ned, I’m also intrigued by Bayern’s kits, they seem to have gone crazy since the 91/92 season when they first introduced blue to their kit. The kit you’re talking about has a funny story to it – Bayern adopted the red and blue stripes for the 95/96 season and wore it in 96/97 as well – at which time Adidas became Crystal Palace’s kit supplier and decked them out with exactly the same shirt!

    Even more curious was that for the 97/98 season, Bayern’s home kit was all navy with a red horizontal stripe. Since then they’ve gone back to red, then had a burgundy and black kit, then an Arsenal rip-off and last season decided to change it to red and white hoops. They’re a bit like Palace really, don’t know what colour and style they want to wear!

  5. Bayern are one that has perplexed me too, even more so when you factor in the European kits that they have worn – two or three black ones, a white one and a very dark red one, as well as two ‘normal’ red ones

  6. i was about 10 when i had the gola melchester kit,ordered through the comic,it took ages to come,used to love Roy of the rovers back then,it was around the time Roy got shot! i wore it on a PGL football holiday to nottingham,a week playing football…it was fantastic,the weather was even good! i never had the gola boots though,think i had a pair of patrick boots like steve coppell.

  7. Halcyon days hey John? I can’t actually remember who shot Roy now? I lost interest a couple of years later when Melchester signed those blokes from Spandau Ballet!

  8. It was Elton Blake, an actor who was playing Roy in a TV series about Melchester, though Vic Guthrie and Kenny Logan’s father were considered strong suspects!

  9. Sorry to go off topic here (though which topic?), but speaking of Gola, am I the only one who remembers Gola as a cheap brand that’d make you the target of derision at school, as opposed to the seemingly cool brand it is today? every year I’d get my ‘school trainers’ from Bacons…£7.99 for some basic Gola ones…and they were just seen as naff. they were below Hi-Tec in the rankings!

  10. That does ring a bell Rich, but I do remember being mightily impressed to see Rovers wearing a Gola kit. Retro Gola bags are quite trendy now though aren’t they? One brand I do remember as being seen as ‘cheap’ when I was at school was Spall who seemed to specialise in school kits. I’m currently working on some lower league clubs kits and its surprising how often Spall crop up in the 80s. Hi-Tec of course sponsored by local side Southend but also somehow ended up kitting out Stoke City in the 80s for a short while. Nice kits as well.

  11. I can remember Spall making Millwall kits in the late 80s alright, maybe even when they were in the first division. In 1990-91 I think it was, Millwall had no sponsor and just had their name across the front, like a baseball team!

  12. At the time. I suspected Trevor Brinsden, the hooligan Roy had banned from the ground. (The other suspect was Roy’s cousin, Arnie Meckiff who was running a property scam). So even at the age of seven, I knew that a career in the police was out of the question!

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