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  1. Shame they aren’t both wearing away strips then United could wear Blue as they did in 1968.

    Also yesterday was the 100th anniversary of Sir Matt Busby’s birth, another omen perhaps?

  2. Hello Andrew – just heard on the radio that this is “the most anticipated Champions League final in years”. Surely last year’s with two English clubs holds that title?!

    They should have said this is “the most anticpated Champions League final in a year”!

  3. I have several ‘northern’ friends at work who were all convinced Man U would win 2-1. I said I believed the 1st 10 mins would be crucial as if Barca played well, they’d take the psychological advantage, remember that ‘we are Barcelona!’ and then play how Barca is expected to. How accurate that turned out to be! Not a great game, though Barca did play them off the park…and the fouls going in at the end did Man U’s image no good whatsoever.

  4. Hello Rich – I have to admit being surprised at how Utd lost, I think they may have approached the game with a little complacency. But they seemed really ragged once Barca had scored – only a few of the players really put up a fight. I’m no expert but I think Fergie should have played Tevez and at least had Neville in the squad. Disappointing.

  5. United’s midfield really did look weak last night and it is amazing to think really that Fletcher could have made a real difference in there. Barca really are a class apart though but I’m not a fan of their ‘halves’ I prefer the big solid stripes.

  6. I think it’s a bit ironic that Barca’s three wins have come without them wearing their ‘classic’ kit – in 92 they had orange (but the players put on the home kit for the presentation), in 06 they had red shorts as opposed to the normal blue ones and this season the halves rather than stripes and red socks

  7. just got back from rome,best team won i have to say,as for the white kit,i’m not keen,if it had red/black trim instead of red/blue trim it would be a classic but it is another case of NIKE falling short with United strips.Saw plenty of new Barca shirts too,very nice…no doubt will be seeing plenty in the summer!!

  8. John, I had exactly the same thought about the blue trim last night funnily enough. I don’t mind the kit but the blue seemed to jar with me for some reason. Red and black would definitely be better. I used to love the old 80s adidas kits where they would simply reverse the design.

    Denis, I would much rather see Barca in stripes as well. The backs of their shirts looked very odd.

  9. Not a fan of the half and half Barca kit, My favourite was the one from 2007-08, that was lovely. Glad the stripes have returned for the new kit, not so keen on the away though!

    I liked the kit that Man U wore though, the blue looked nice, but the main problem is the small club crest – they should be as big as possible, the Man U one looked tiny. The V away shirt next season looks good though.

    I recon that this Barca team can win it next year, and I cannot wait for the world club championship. Looks like it may be Barcelona vs Gremio – Blaugrana vs Imortal Tricolor!

  10. For me the best Barca kit was the classic ‘Meyba’ kit from the Lineker & Hughes era. Whatever happened to Meyba kits?

  11. Totally agree Mark. That was indeed a classic. That said, I do quite like the Barca halves…I thought their Centenary shirt looked very nice.
    As for Man U’s kit, I’ve found the Nike ones very disappointing…and the one with the white stripe up the back always looked to me like the label was sticking out at the top.

  12. Didn’t United have a white kit with black and gold trim the other year? That was really nice and perhaps the blue trim this year is just so they aren’t too similar.

    Favourite Barca kit? The Romario Kappa effort from the nineties with the aqua/green away kit. Wonderful.

  13. I agree with matt regarding the United badge,it doesnt stand out on the shirt at all,and its not since the new badge with ‘football club’ removed occured,it started when umbro took over from adidas.The old badges had a white background behind the devils shield,when umbro took over the white background went,the badge blended into the shirt.
    And i agree with mr devlin regarding the adidas days,you knew where you stood in those days…red,white and black for home kits,white/black and white for aways and all blue for games at soton etc.

  14. UEFA’s stupid rules made Barça’s halved kit look terribly disfigured from the back, I mean, on the shirt they wear in La Liga the number is very easy to see, so why the silly enforcement? Least Barça are returning to stripes for next season though!

  15. When I saw United were to play in white against Barca, I just knew they would lose. I truly believe the white shirt contributed to United’s ‘surrender-like’ downfall that night.

  16. Hello Sam! All white can give the team an heroic feel – but you’re quite right it can also signalise surrender! Never thought of it like that before.

  17. Well Chelsea wore all yellow at the Camp Nou this season and a couple of seasons ago wore all white and it didn’t do them any harm.

  18. Barca have a mixed record against teams wearing all white/white shirted.
    5-5 I make it overall and a record of 3-3 against all white.

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