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  1. Yes indeed… quite a shock, isn’t it!

    When the pictures first went on the Football Shirt Culture website, the initial reactions from people seemed quite positive in the main, which in itself was quite a surprise.

    I think I like the idea of having a bold colour such as yellow in Newcastle’s away kit… it’s just the *shade* of yellow that’s troubling me a little bit. When other clubs have a yellow kit, you tend to find it’s a light, pure yellow which works quite well. This is a deeper, richer shade of yellow which I don’t recall seeing much in the past.

    Not sure if I like it really! I *want* to, believe me…

  2. It looks like an accident in a cheese factory. Without doubt one of the worst kits for the upcoming season!

  3. I get the horrible feeling I’m going to end up liking this…despite slating it on the other thread…The pic I saw was from Kitbag.com where it definitely looks yellow and white…but I quite like the Yellow / Light Yellow…reminds me of Cov away kits in the 80s…It’s either that or it’s just John’s artwork making it look better than it is again.

  4. Its the choice of colour for the shorts that cap it off. Why choose the darker yellow? IMHO the lighter shade would have worked better.

    Its like adidas were doing a yellow and (insert colour) kit and chickened out.

    I believe that factory to be the one that makes Cheesestrings and all the other rubbish plasticy cheeses, Jon.

  5. Its proof you can produce rubbish from even the simplest design. Well done adidas you have produced a deck chair, as someone’s already said, for all those players they have near retirement.

    Didn’t nike produce a goalkeepers kit like this a couple of seasons ago with closer yellows and thicker stripes?

  6. It looks like cheese after it has been grilled. Why couldn’t adidas use sunflower yellow and green which is more accustomed to the Toon? On the plus side, it won’t clash with much unlike our white or silver change kits. This kit will feature in plenty of matches one expects.

  7. I can’t believe that this kit actually looks half decent in John’s artwork!! It’s an absolute rascal of a design, it wouldn’t even look decent with a pair of jeans.

  8. Actually I don’t get what’s the point of all the hating. Maybe a cultural thing? I am not a Newcastle supporter so I am not biased and I don’t see anything wrong or unfashionable about the colours. Of course points about tradition etc. are valid, but the shirt itself is one of the nicer ones for the next season for me.

  9. I do not think that this shirt is anything but bad. it might not be tradititional, but it is new and stylish and i love the addidas 3 stripe on the sleeves and the lighter shade of stripes look really nice when they get thinner.

    All round this is a superb kit and so far is the best this season.
    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

  10. The kit looks like someone at adidas cut up a deckchair and sewed a toon badge on it. It looks awful beyond belief, and it has no historical significance. The first green and yellow kits by bukta and Umbro were good looking, but the colours are awful. The closest colour I can get for the gold/orange is urine coloured, and in the pics the yellow looks more beige. That is the main problem with the kit.

    Another problem is that newcastle have had two away kits for the past seven seasons, and we have no established second choice colours. I would prefer if we had an estblished set of away colours. I liked last seasons silver kit, which was never worn last season, I dont know why. Another factor is the terraces – supporters wearing black and white look great together, the blue compliments these two colours, and so does the right shade of green, the right shade of yellow, or silver. This will look dreadful in the Gallowgate next season. I have been asking myself just one question – How can adidas get it so right for the home and so wrong for the away?

    For the Toon, we should have an established set of change colours, either sunflower yellow and green, or a sliver kit. , and have a rotation where last seasons change becomes the third kit.

  11. Bizarrely, I’d like Cov to go back to yellow away kits…really liked them; The Hummel 87-89 one being the nicest. They seem to only go for black or red of late. We had some awful ones in the 90s…2 shades of purple with yellow trim, green / black etc…hideous!

  12. Newcastle have had a new away kit every season since adidas first made their kit back in 1995 and I’ve lost count how many colours they have used…

    95/96 – Dark red and blue hoops, white shorts
    96/97 – Pale blue (with black chest band)
    97/98 – Navy with orange and green (that monstrosity)
    98/99 – Blue with amber trim
    99/00 – White with teal (used just once, strangely at Coventry)
    00/01 – Black with blue underarms
    01/02 – Bluey-green
    02/03 – Silver with bluey-green front (used just once and caused a terrible kit clash at West Brom)
    03/04 – Black with silver trim
    04/05 – Navy with blue stripes
    05/06 – Two-tone dark green
    06/07 – Claret and dark blue
    07/08 – Sky blue
    08/09 – Purple

    And they’ve had some third kits too
    03/04 – Silver
    04/05 – Yellow
    05/06 – Blue
    06/07 – Black with sky blue sleeves
    07/08 – White and sky blue stripes (very superfluous given the home and away kits)
    08/09 – Silver (never worn in action)

    From 1980 until the adidas era, away kits had either been yellow, silver or blue. There was a green third kit necessitated by that infamous Sheffield Wednesday match incident. Oh and in the 1974 Newcastle were one of the first to wear a Brazil style away kit, a full 15 years before Pompey followed suit (and countless others)!!

    But out of all of their away kits this yellow one to me is the worst, it even puts the navy/orange/green kit of 97/98 to shame, and that kit was a shocker!

  13. Jon – you’re stealing my thunder here!! This was all going to be in my review…the club have had an identity crisis away from home in recent years haven’t they? I think the main problem with the new kit is timing. Of course adidas weren’t to know that relegation was going to occur, but a new season in a lower division is not a good time psychologically to start wearing a controversial and risky new kit. I would have thought something familiar and intrinsically Newcastle would have been a better choice, ie yellow and blue or yellow and green – colour schemes I know Toon fans have been shouting for.

  14. I can’t understand how grey/silver can possibly be a change kit for Newcastle. The sides they usually clash with most are those in white so grey simply doesn’t work.

    Blue should be fine and likewise yellow but this yellow/orange/wee colour is just awful. Not just the shirt itself but the whole lot together. Yuk!

  15. Teams like ac Milan always have the same colour away kit- white. Newcastle should have a consistent away colour. Yellow with green trim, green shorts and yellow socks similar to the 70’s one. An alternative to this would be to simply not have an away kit. We have worn the home kit at Bolton and Spurs etc quite a few times. We could sell only home colours in the club shops and the players can wear exclusive alternatives for matches v West Brom etc. We won’t lose money on this as I can’t see many epople buying this grilled cheese kit anyway.

    As a footnote, the link on the official site to view the prices of the new kit has been blocked these past two days. Could they be about to withdraw it?

  16. Obviously Newcastle have no tradition of away kits and pretty much like recent liverpool kits have changed colours but that shirt is so nice i think i might buy it and i dont support them.

  17. Well, look on the bright side guys … now if your fried egg butty dribbles down your chin and onto your top you’ve no worries!

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