09-10 Away Kits – Its Black and White

I’ve been working on the 09-10 kits for the site and although I’ve already mentioned the overload of black/dark navy away kits this season I hadn’t realised quite how many sides are also using white as a change colour – meaning that virtually every away kit in the Premiership is either black/dark navy or white.

Take a look.

Out of the first 14 teams alphabetically, only Fulham and Hull avoid the mono look for their change kits (and of course Fulham play in white as first choice anyway and have their fairly dark midnight blue away kit). Of course there is Everton’s purple third and Villa’s blue third but other than that its black and white throughout.

Are we getting to a situation reminiscent of the early days of football where one team always played in white when there was a clash of colours – or is it just a trend? Hope its the latter – but it makes for a pretty dull colour palette this season.

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  1. I think it makes sense from a merchandising standpoint. Most of the first choice colours are pretty distinctive so it’s quite natural to offer something more “neutral” to the fans so they can wear it casually. And white/black goes pretty much with everything.

  2. I don’t mind either as long as something creative is done with them as well as keeping them clean. I personally like the Man City Away and third, while the Villa away (biased here lol) also take a plain colour and do something with it. The Liverpool away I’m also fond of.

    Oh and btw, I’m the guy that emailed you regarding whether I could use your illustrations for my project several months back. After months of confusion, problems, manufacturing mishaps, I went and instead made a 3D model using a template on my comp (which is far quicker than getting a sample made – and so much better when presenting them). What do you think?

    Home: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TyGBTICMn0
    Away: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lnv_3j5NKVo
    GK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryLT3PRL6PA

    The GK is ugly imo, the colours didn’t turn out as I wanted them to haha.


  3. One thing I’ve often wondered is how the various kit manufacturers all decide to follow the same trend in the same season, whether it be the colour of away kits or the general style of kits. How did Nike, adidas, Umbro and the others all decide to have black or white away kits this season? Surely they don’t see each other’s designs until they’re launched.

  4. I’ve wondered the same AJ – all design goes in trends and common themes will emerge at the top companies I guess. And I know the kit design business is very incestuous – I think most designers have worked at other companies at some point. Its a good question though, next time I speak to a designer I’ll try and get an answer.

  5. On the subject of black (and white) away kits, a thought occured to me whilst I was watching the Arsenal-Man United game live on TV.

    Have Arsenal ever had a black away/third kit?

    I know they have had plenty of dark blue/navy, but actually black?

    I certainly can’t think of any in my time of being a football fan anyway. I became a fan in 1996, for the record.

    If it is true, then surely they are the only team in Premier League history not to at some point have a black change kit – as it seems EVERY team has had one in the PL at some point.

    Okay, maybe not teams who play in black or a similair colour (I’m thinking Wimbledon/Newcastle) or a team like Barnsley – who only had one year in the Premier League.

    Is it true?

  6. No, Arsenal have never had a black kit, well apart from black and white stripes worn once in the FA Cup against Blackpool in the 1950s.

    BTW, did anyone else notice that Chelsea wore their home kit against Burnley? Away to Villa they wore the dark navy “unlucky” kit, so maybe this has gone the way of United’s grey strip?

  7. Thanks, Denis Hurley.

    I had a feeling I was right about the Arsenal black kit thing. Isn’t it strange?

    As for the Chelsea “unlucky kit” thing. You might be right, but it seems, for the past four or five seasons anyway, Chelsea always wear a change kit at Villa Park, for some reason.

    Last season they wore the black.


    The season before they wore the bright green/yellow.


    In the Carling Cup that season they wore white.


    Also, in the 2004-2005 season, something I remember, Chelsea wore a black and silver change strip at Villa Park.


    And, as strange as it may sound, it was a very sunny day and the commentators were mentioning how hard it was to distinguish the two teams. I, watching on TV, found it difficult as well.

    So, wearing the change strip at Villa Park is probably just one of those weird little choices for Chelsea and maybe the “unlucky” navy hoops kit hasn’t been ditched?

  8. I know Chelsea will have to use the “cursed” navy strip at least once more, for the away fixture at Blackburn at the end of next month.

    In response to BlueNose’s comment, Newcastle had two black away kits in the last decade during their time in the Premier League. In the 00/01 season they had a black shirt with sky blue underarms and white shorts, and in the 03/04 season they had an all-black strip with silver trim.

    They also wore a change strip in the UEFA Cup in 06/07 which was black with sky blue sleeves, with sky blue shorts and socks. However as far as I know this kit was not used in any Premier League matches.

    I know of a number of other clubs in Premier League history (post-1992) who haven’t had a black away kit:_

    Crystal Palace (Brazil style, yellow, white)
    Swindon Town (Brazil style)
    Bradford City (white)
    Oldham Athletic (red & white)
    Watford (white, navy)
    Norwich City (white, navy)
    West Bromwich Albion (yellow & green, red, navy, white, yellow)
    Nottingham Forest (white, blue, yellow)
    Leeds United (yellow, blue, navy)

    All of the clubs with the exception of Leeds have worn black as a change strip whilst not playing in the top tier.

    In addition Sheffield United could be added to that list, given that their away kit in the 06/07 season was black and white stripes, but it was predominantly white when viewed from behind.

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