Poll: Favourite Premier League Kit 09-10

On the 09-10 kits blog page (http://www.truecoloursfootballkits.com/truecolours/09-10-kits-page) Adam had the great idea of getting some opinions on the best (and worst) 09-10 Premier League kits. Hope you don’t mind Adam but I thought it deserved its own page.

Over to you…lets hear about the 09-10 EPL kits you love and hate. To refresh your memory click here: http://www.truecoloursfootballkits.com/09-10-kits

29 Replies to “Poll: Favourite Premier League Kit 09-10

  1. Fave kit, Everton Away kit – just different to anything else.
    Worst kit probably Arsenal or Villa away – nothing to them design wise.

  2. I love Birmingham’s home this season. Modern looking, but it has a certain retro quality to it, which is weird since they’ve never had a design like that. I like the ‘proper’ collar, too.

    Worst? The Blackburn away. Unimaginative -it looks like something a 13 yr would do, plus the red socks and shorts don’t really match the white top… just not a likeable kit – no redeeming factors.

  3. Worst in my book is the Arsenal home, as its not really an Arsenal shirt.

    My fave is the Chelsea home, it looks so classy and confident. I hated it when it came out, but the Sportsbra design has grown on me.

  4. The Man. City home kit!, without question the best “retro” feel shirt of this era. I also like the way in which the sponsor logo is made to fit in with the design of their third shirt.
    However, I think this goes to show the ‘haves and have-nots’ in Umbro’s current stable of teams. For example, their West Ham shirt is atrocious. It wouldn’t look out of place on a Sunday pub-team! But, perhaps the Hammers and others, need to question what they are being offered and demand something better!

  5. Manchester City home is my favourite kit.

    The worst for me is the West Ham United home.

    Ironic that both are manufactured by Umbro. For me it just shows how superior tailored kits look when compared to the more normal Umbro designs.

    Also, a West Ham kit without blue sleeves. What’s that all about?

  6. Too many to choose from…I like so many of the EPL kits this year…

    Best: toss up between the Everton charity kit (just shading it over the Everton away) and Man U away.

    Worst: Bolton and Spurs Home…over fussy and vile in equal measure.

  7. Best: Burnley, Man City, Hull. I’m loving all the retro designs, nice and simple.

    Worst: Everton, re design of a bad kit also Bolton and Spurs two classics made over complicated

  8. hate to say it but the man city kits are very good this season as are the other umbro kits for sunderland,blackburn and hull.Dont like the Man united kits and the west ham.not traditional enough for me.

  9. Best – probably Man City or Burnley – really like the modern traditional style

    Worst – Spurs (the yellow spoils it), Man U, Everton home (that white bib is overkill!)

  10. Best – Man City Home – Crisp and Clean
    Worst – Bolton Home and Away – looks messy and stripes don’t work for me.

  11. Best- Man City home. If only my club Arsenal went back to umbro and got a 70’s style template done for them

    Worst- Spurs home, but then again, it is Spurs

  12. Best: Man City 3rd Kit, inspired re-design of a classic.
    Worst: Fulham and Villa home kits, a very tired outdated nike template. Also Wigan Athletic for bringing Vandanel to the PL. Their kits have blighted the Football League for years.

  13. I’ve really come to like United’s home kit this season. The chevron is a bold move from Nike after the very bland previous home kit.

    The best kits in the league this season are Burnley’s home and away. City’s home and third kits are very good, too. I also like the Hull and Birmingham home kits.

    The worst are the Spurs home kit, Sunderland’s away, Everton’s home and both Bolton kits.

  14. Best – 1. Man City away, 2. Man City home, 3. Chelsea away (and if it worth – this is coming from a Man Utd fan:))

    Worst – Blackburn and P’mouth away

  15. Best…

    1st… Man. City (all three kits are good)
    2nd… Burnley (the hooped socks make it)
    3rd… Hull City (Me? Biased?)


    West Ham’s home shirt just doesn’t work, the chequered pattern is far bigger than on the original shirt it references, and as a result it looks like a knock off.

  16. Your observation of the WHUFC shirt is spot on, Les. The Bukta original, had small crossed hammers in alternate chequers….plus it had blue sleeves! It was also a welcome oasis between the Scoreline horror that preceded it, ‘stylised’ with a deep white v neck and cumbersome blue panels down either side of the shirts’ front and Bukta’s last offering, which one of the fanzines of the time exclaimed across its front page banner headline; “What the f*** is this?” (Both of those shirts finalities ended in relegation! Portentous indicators for ’09-10?)

    Parochialism aside; I always remember as kid in the late seventies the Hull City shirt with amber and black stripes and a white collar, with white shorts. I thought that looked totally unique! Do you know who the manufacturer was?

  17. Yeah, there was two versions of the striped shirt with white collar, the first had HCAFC in diagonally aligned text, the second had the tigers head which is part of our current crest. Both were made by Europa, who were based in Leicestershire I believe.

  18. is anyone else fed up of seeing players wearing short sleeve shirts with that ‘body compression undergarment?’ worn underneath,wear long sleeves to at least cover your undergarments up or would that upset the supplier! and whats with all the tape on socks these days,i saw a hull player in home strip and he had white ankle socks over his socks? surely this against regulations? and dont get me started on gloves,scarfs? and coloured boots….to me it all detracts from the club strip.

  19. Heh, Kamil Zayatte wears a huge amount of white tape, so much that only a few inches of his socks are visible.

    A few years ago we had Ricardo Vaz Te on loan from Bolton, and he’d wear his own white socks, with the tops of our home socks pulled over them. He’d cut the socks up before each game, much to the chagrin of our kit man.

    I hate the socks pulled way over the knee to emulate Tokyo schoolgirls look, Thierry Henry started that.

  20. Re ankle socks outside team socks: As part of my job I cover a lot of schoolboys games, and I see plenty of players doing that to emulate the huge amounts of tape worn by the pros!

  21. ha ha les,totally agree with the over the knee socks comment…another one to do this is john terry(or is it JT these days?)

  22. Man City 1st and 3rd the best by along chalk for me – Umbro’s ‘tailored’ line is looking great and I am keen to see who else will get the treatment next season (fingers crossed for Celta de Vigo). Burnley kits are a very good effort at the return-to-classic style too.

    I actually quite like the Arsenal 3rd kit (white) – especially as many of their fans hate that at a glance it looks more like Spurs! I’m a sucker for an 80s pintstripe… I certainly like it better than Tottenham’s kits, which with the possible exception of the navy 3rd shirt, are abysmal – over fussy home kit with way too much yellow, and a boring and ugly yellow away kit. Only beaten in to second place by the utterly lamentable Bolton kits which are hideous.

    Not a big fan of the ‘built in bra’ Chelsea home shirt. That template along with the one used on the new Spain shirts mark a serious design downturn at Adidas for me.

  23. Best: Hull (H), and I thought the white and red kit Birmingham wore against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge this season was pretty cool too!

    Worst: Spurs (H) and Bolton (H)

  24. Too be fair their are alot of good kits: Arsenal 3rd, Man City & Burnley but the best kit i feel is Everton Home.

    Away kit can only be one Wigan Away. (Blackburn & Chelsea’s Away kit is nasty too)

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