Scotland 10-11 Home Kit Review

scotland-home-kit-09-10One of the most eagerly awaited kits of the season (well, in my house anyway) was the new Scotland home outfit – the first to be made for the team since adidas replaced Diadora last year. Of course the massive marketing and promotional juggernaut behind the Umbro England kits has dominated the kit news in recent months but the importance of Scotland’s new strip cannot be underestimated given the lacklustre response amongst the Tartan Army towards the last few Diadora efforts and the power and status adidas have in world football.

Expectations were high and in my view, thankfully, adidas have delivered with a superb strip devoid of their usual complex trim and coloured panels and featuring instead a relatively straight forward, stylish and restrained effort. Phew.

Everyone now knows this Scotland kit is a ‘type 2 adidas design’ (although honestly, had anyone heard of a ‘type 2 adidas design’ before it was announced in connection with this strip!?) It basically means thats its a generic adidas template, badged up for Scotland. I can’t actually recall who else has worn this design to be frank and to me it doesn’t matter.

The strip combines the heritage and pride behind the Scotland strip and the gravitas and sportswear expertise of adidas. The jersey features a simple crew-style neck, the classic three-stripe trim and subtly curved piping running down the front. The shorts continue the piping theme in navy and the good old red socks are present with ‘Alba’ (Gaelic for Scotland, not the low-budget hi-fi firm) on the front.

As as a Scotland fan I am delighted with the kit and mightily relieved the adidas branding didn’t overtake the identity of the country. My only gripe, and I am not alone in this view, is that the large Scottish crest watermark on the front of the shirt just doesn’t seem to work. In principle the idea is sound, although a little early-90s, but I think its just the application of the crest looks, dare I say, cheap. Its only a small moan to be honest, and I have a suspicion it will look a lot better in the flesh which I hope to discover when I purchase my replica when they are released in the Summer.

It’s a great start to adidas’ relationship with Scotland and thanks to a 1–0 win over the Czech Republic in the kit’s only outing so far, a great start to new boss Craig Levein’s managerial career with the national side.

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  1. Agree with all of that John. However, another complaint about the kit is the awful crest we use. Why we need to put the Saltire under the badge is beyond me…it’s pretty needless. Ifthey slightly enlarged the yellow shield, and removed the St. Andrews cross, that would suffice. I know some hanker for the round 80s design, but just the shield is enough for me.

    If they were intent on keeping the flag in some way, how awesome would the kit have looked if they removed the lion rampant shadow design and replaced it with a big shadow pattern of the Saltire similar to the all dark blue Diadora kit (the one before last)?

    I love the crisp red socks and simple adidas branding.

  2. I think it’s an excellent kit, John. Much better than the recent Diadora efforts, even if it is an Adidas ‘template’ kit. It’s smart, unfussy and has just the right amount of neat touches here and there. Great effort, Adidas!

  3. I agree John – why does it matter that this is a ‘template’ kit when we’ve never seen another kit using this template before?!

  4. For me Jonny, the new badge introduced in 1989 and worn in Italia 90 was the best. It was the one with the shield and the scroll above and below it. I was never overly attached to the round design to be honest but quite liked the one worn in the Fila days.

    Glad to see some people agreeing with me! Chris – good to hear from you!

  5. A good review John. Like yourself I am not a fan of the large Scottish crest on the front which seems to cheapen the design. The shirt definitely looks much better as a short sleeve. The longer version tends to draw your eye to the large gap set aside for tournament patches.

    It has certainly wet my appetite for any future bespoke designs.


  6. I’m still not overly convinced…to me it just looks too rushed…I don’t mind that it’s a template or that it’s primarily a stop gap (albeit quite a long gap), I just feel they took a blank jersey and, bereft of inspiration, bunged the crest on the front. I wouldn’t mind so much if the crest was perhaps bigger so it at least covered the front of the shirt, but it seems too much like an afterthought and smacks of lack of confidence in the design…if you’re going to put it on the front, do it boldly, not half heartedly! (I still think my idea looked better 🙂 )
    I also agree with scrapping the Saltire in the same way I advocated ridding the England shirt of the ‘England’ lettering…Scotland shouldn’t need such gimmicks!

    One final point…your illustration makes it look better than the real thing!!

  7. I think the kit looks good and functional, though the watermark does spoil it, especially with the front number placement. I agree about the crest too, they should bring back the old crest from the late 80’s early 90’s.

    Anyway, I wonder what adidas will do for the away kit when that gets revealed?

  8. I was excited to finally see this kit after first hearing the announcement last year. It’s not the perfect design I would have liked but it’s still pretty good and I’ll definitely be buying it when it comes out, but why do we have to wait for the summer?

  9. I know what you mean Jason – I want it now! Shaun, thanks for the compliment! The Argentina kit does seem to use the same template you’re right – also Honduras.

  10. Honduras won’t be wearing Adidas as their kits are made by Joma, but certainly Slovakia’s kit is based on the same template as Scotland (and Argentina’s).

  11. I’ve seen a leaked picture of what appears to be the new Scotland away shirt. It will be the same design as the home shirt, but in yellow with navy trim, and the crest watermark on the front.

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