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  1. Any chance of being able to magnify it John? What does the text under eack kit say? And also, is anyone else bothered by the fact that the blue on Spain’s socks is darker than the blue on their shorts?

  2. Denis, yes, me too! What a jarring effect on an otherwise nice kit!

    Anyone else annoyed at the continued appearance of long-sleeved undergarments?

  3. Denis, Nick – totally agree with you both! When researching the Spain kit I had to keep double checking that the tops of the socks were navy. Daft in my view. Brazil were the worst culprits for long-sleeved undergarments. Virtually all the team had them I think. About time kits accommodated the desire for these I think (although England did try with the England away)

  4. I think we should start a petition to ban those skins/undergarments unless hidden underneath a long-sleeved shirt!

    Sadly no doubt the Slovenia v England match will see the jarring effect of baselayer shirts coupled with the white-cuffed short sleeves of the England away shirt.

    Couldn’t help but notice that Casillas’ socks didn’t seem to have the adidas three stripe branding – a welcome move if that’s the case. I think perhaps adidas should be a bit sparing with the use of the three stripes – less is more. I’d argue that they don’t need to plaster the stripes all over the kits of the more renowned teams that they supply; after all, everyone knows adidas!

  5. think we should start a petition to ban those skins/undergarments unless hidden underneath a long-sleeved shirt!

    i’m for that nick!

  6. Don’t know if anybody else noticed, but Ghana player Pantsil had one long sleeve (left arm) and one short sleeve on his match shirt? I’ve been trying to work out if the long sleeve is base layer, it doesn’t appear to be, but either way he has had the right sleeve of his base layer or shirt cut off!

    New one on me.

  7. I noticed the Ghanain keeper had cut the sleeves off his shirt in one of the matches…wasn’t a short sleeved shirt as you could clearly see where it had been cut…didn’t make a very neat job of it either!

  8. I agree about the Spain home socks, the navy is a complete mis-match. They should have used the same shade of blue as the shorts, or, even better, as some others have said, gone back to wearing black socks. I miss that colour combination, during the 80’s when I was growing up that was always Spain’s kit – red shirts, blue shorts and black socks, with yellow trim. Instantly recognisable!

    A number of other kits have since been spoilt by manufacturer intervention or the after-effect of FIFA and UEFA’s colour meddling. I used to remember when Italy never wore all blue as a first choice, England never wore all white, and France would stick to the “Tricolour” whereever possible.

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