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  1. Love this design and esp the filled in version. hope umbro can recreate this in the future. they had a few filled in diamonds in 2008 which was nice to see but still too modern and cluttered.

  2. Hi John, anyone know why Scotland & Holland both wore similar coloured socks when they played each other in the last group game? Scotland wore red socks & Holland orange, but on the telly they looked very similar.

    Scotland had worn white socks with those navy shirts & white shorts on a few occasions, definitely when Scotland played Wales in a World Cup Qualifying match in October/November 1976 at Hampden Park & in at least 2 or 3 other matches as well.

    Holland also wore white socks, when they played Italy in the last match of the 2nd-Round Group (effectively the semi-final), so either Holland or Scotland could’ve worn white socks when they played each other.

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