True Colours – Shirt of Hurt Challenge

As many of you will know, when it comes to international football my loyalties lie with Scotland. Always have, always will. Inevitable really as it was my Scottish Dad who first got me interested in football back in the 1970s. This has caused some friction living down south as you might imagine, not least with my English mum! As a result of my support of the Scotland side I have owned and worn countless Scottish replica shirts over the years but not surprisingly never any England ones and in fact have never put an England shirt on my back….until now.

Listening to the fantastic Danny Baker show on BBC Five Live last Saturday gave me an idea. On the show Danny took the “Shirt of Hurt” challenge for Sport Relief by swapping jerseys with actor Ray Winstone. If you’re not aware of the concept, “Shirt of Hurt” requires you to pull on the shirt of your most bitterest rivals in aid of Sport Relief. Danny, an ardent Millwall fan, donned Ray’s West Ham shirt and Ray, a Hammer through and through, wore Danny’s Millwall jersey. Years of support, belief and passion for your team rocked by simply wearing the colours of your fierce enemies!

So in aid of Sport Relief, IĀ  too will be taking the “Shirt of Hurt” challenge by pulling on a shirt, for the first time ever, of Scotland’s greatest rivals and bitterest enemies: England!


Thanks to my friends at Umbro I have a brand new, still in its wrapper and rather splendid 2012 England home shirt just waiting to be worn. All I need you to do, is to please please sponsor me!

Photographic proof will be posted on the site and will no doubt haunt me for the rest of my life! But its all for a great cause – so please donate whatever you can afford to see me in my England “Shirt of Hurt”!

Click here to visit my official Sport Relief page where you can sponsor me

Thank you very much.

13 Replies to “True Colours – Shirt of Hurt Challenge

  1. At least you’re wearing the best England shirt ever, in my opinion.
    Just red & white, no blue, as it should be – St George’s Cross :o)

  2. John, maybe auction the shirt afterwards to get a little more for Sport Relief, unless you want to keep it!

  3. That’s certainly the best England shirt I’ve seen in a while IMHO, but the real shirt of hurt for Scotland would be from England’s 9-3 victory in 1963, preferably autographed by Jimmy Greaves!

  4. Been thinking about this a lot recently and I think I would pay a substantial sum of money, not to wear an Arsenal shirt. On the other had I prefer both the home and away Germany shirts to the new England jersey. Maybe I should do that instead!

  5. seriously considering pulling on a (dare i say it) 96 diamond overly sheffield united kit my freind has ……since i support wednesday and the fact that that is possibly the worst kit united have worn means my degredation would be two fold ..but i would take it for a good cause lol

    i agree though the new england kit is splendid …and is mutch better than the one it replaced ..i hated that one the shoulders were too fussy

  6. I’ll pleased to sponsor you John! You’re a brave man wearing that. All for a good cause though, well done!

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