Kit of the Day: February Round Up

Better late than never! Here’s a round up of February’s Kit of the Day posts.

If there’s any kit you’d like me to feature then please send me an email via the site’s contact page, send me a tweet or a message on Facebook. Following True Colours on Twitter or liking the Facebook page is sure way to prevent missing any further kits.

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 wigan-h-95-98 southend-h-90-91 scunthorpe-h-82-83 plymouth-h-59-64 oldham-a-85-87 newcastle-h-76-80 liverpool-3-94-96 forest-h-76-77 bradford-h-82-83 new-zealand-a-10-11


8 Replies to “Kit of the Day: February Round Up

  1. Great to see the Portsmouth Le Coq strip and the Aberdeen away from 79-82.I’d forgotten about that one.
    Was the Forest strip U-win?

  2. Actually, Tony, I would say that the Owls have had some really nice kits over the years – the early 90’s Umbro efforts were nice, and I liked the Puma ones – especially the 95/96 which had the broad centre stripe and the narrower ones either sides, paired with blue shorts. They’ve had some nice aways too, the black Puma one with yellow pinstripes of particular note. I’m a traditionalist and think that the likes of Wednesday, Leeds, and Forest belong in the PL.

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