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  1. I think it really is time the PL introduced short clash regs. Hull v Soton, West Ham v Stoke, and Chelsea v Everton above could all create problems. Not shirt clashes (except West Ham v Stoke, potentially), but I hate seeing short clashes, especially when Man Utd keep the integrity of their long standing black shorts going.

    At the weekend, I see Man City used their red and black away at Burnley, presumably because of the sky blue elements of both shirts. But were it not for City’s shorts and socks this would have, in turn, created a worse clash. Especially when they had the purple peril available.

  2. The Hull-Soton one was quite bad on TV as the black and amber stripes blend to dark orange and the red and white blend to light red. Southampton never wear change home shorts in the league, though they had to away to Inter.

    When Hull went to Sunderland the following week they wore amber change shorts and it was far better.

  3. Good point re Man City Martyn. It reignites the dark vs dark kit argument again doesnt it. Surely City would have been better in blue.

    As for the Hull game, the following picture shows that even without a shorts clash, orange and black can clash with red. http://www.gettyimages.co.uk/license/1284458
    Liverpool also wore red in Kosice rather than white or yellow.

    Also, the perceived clash between orange/amber and red/white is the reason Newcastle were prevented from wearing the orange away kit at Sunderland in 11/12.

  4. I would agree. Red v orange is a definite no-no. I don’t personally like royal blue v sky either, but it does happen from time to time. Plus, something that isn’t a clash on paper can look quite different in reality. Bayern will likely have the grey away on tomorrow night away at Mainz (red/white/red) – the rather lovely white and maroon third shirt hasn’t been worn yet, and won’t actually be worn in the league until Freiburg away. The only application in Europe I can think of is Barcelona – if we played Arsenal the white sleeves would prevent its use. Atletico away we wore grey (though that did make sense). If we miss Barcelona it could be the least worn away / third kit in Bayern history since three kits became regular in the mid 00’s.

  5. So…Man City vs Chelsea, both in their away kits, with Chelsea’s only concession to a clash being a change to royal blue socks…It does illustrate my dislike of royal vs sky blue, especially with City having sleeves that are a shade darker. Why not the third kit with royal socks? Even the black and grey away would be better IMO. Sorry, in my book it’s a blatant clash right up there with red v claret.

  6. Really? if the shade is particularly pale (as with the Umbro / Reebok eras) then I would agree, but with the Nike kits so far having slightly darker shades and / or dark areas of trim, I would still call it a clash. Besides, Chelsea in Manchester and City in London have used away kits plenty of times, so it can’t just be me. Can it?

  7. Also glad to see the Atletico Madrid black away kit has change shorts – both black (@ the Allianz) and yellow (@ the Philips Stadion) used this season. Very sensible.

  8. City v Chelsea can be a clash – especially when viewed from a distance by supporters. Refs shouldn’t be the ones to decide.

  9. Thanks, Matt. Chelsea wearing white at the Etihad (with blue socks) and City wearing the black /red thing at Stamford Bridge would be the way to do it for me. Incidentally, I’ve always thought black v royal has the potential for clashing, too. If the trim colour is the same, especially so – in the above instance those motorway warning sign socks that Nike insist on City wearing, coupled with the trim on the shirt, means that a clash is avoided; however, if the trim / socks were white, then there is the potential for a clash.

  10. Rochdale v Chesterfield in the Checkatrade Trophy last week: the visitors turned up in white/blue/white to go up against blue/white/blue of Dale… however both sides have shirts with a stripe down one side; Dale’s is a white and black one, Chesterfield’s white. The referee called it an overall clash and Dale wore their red away kit at home. I’ve done a programme page on it for the upcoming league game between the two sides

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