3 Replies to “Week 30 – Premier League Kits Round-up

  1. can i just say first and fore mostly (since we were already discussing this issue in the week 23 blog post)

    but yes, i think their was a colour clash of shorts and socks at White Hart Lane,

    no …i dont believe that the blame rests squarely on Bournemouth shoulders (for reasons i explain already on the week 23 post) but the match officials for allowing it

    and that since you can mostly tell whats going on given that most of spurs home kit is white, you can differentiate between the two and thats what matters more here

    they didn’t get the call right, but they didn’t exactly do wrong, …i have seen worse

  2. well matt …since we have spent the last few days discussing this on another post,

    it may surprise for you to learn that we have come to the conclusion that since clubs have to submit their kits to the EPL 10 days before a match, and that the EPL has veto power on this topic as do match officials

    that Bournemouth simply making an effort, is not a 100% justifiable comment when their are a lot more people to blame for the stuation

    but thank you for your input mate

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