Euro 2008 Kits Pt 2 – Group B

Here is the second of four articles featuring the kits that are to be worn in Euro 2008.

Group B mixes Nike, Puma and adidas together. Adidas have come up with some superb designs for the Germany team that really lift their outfits away from the slightly formularic approach of Nike and Puma. Green is no longer the German’s away hue and instead a dynamic combination of red and black is preferred.

Euro 2008 also sees Austria abandon their traditional white home kit in favour of a clean red and white. This outfit is supplemented by a classy black and gold change affair.

As usual Croatia’s unique style brings a rich blend of colour to the competition.

Part 3 of Euro 2008 kits to follow soon.

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5 Replies to “Euro 2008 Kits Pt 2 – Group B

  1. I quite like the German kits this year, especially the away kit – I’m not sure why some German fans were kicking up a fuss about another red away kit and wanted black or even a return to green. However I think rumour has it that the DFB dropped the green away kit because of a certain 5-1 reverse in Munich when they wore those colours.

    My favourite though has to be the Croatian kits, the new home shirt to me is one of the best they’ve had since Nike took over as kit supplier in 2001, and the away brings back shades of the wonderful side from 1998 when they almost reached the World Cup final in their first appearance. I have the new away shirt and funnily enough it has number 21 on it just like the graphic above!

    By the way, Austria abandoned the white and black back in 2004, when then-coach Hans Krankl demanded a patriotic look for his team to match the national flag – thus the home and away kits Puma had prepared were swapped over, red for home, white away. Since 2006 they’ve even dropped white to a very rare third choice kit worn for a handful of games last year.

    The away kit colour scheme of black and gold is particularly smart given the workmanlike “plain” Puma template this year. Poland – well it was what I expected, white and red, though I’m sure the away socks will be red with red turnovers and white piping.

  2. If I had one criticism of the German kits, it’s that the away would look better with yellow rather than gold

  3. Ha ha! I like the story about ditching the green kit (even as a Scotland fan), wonder if its true! I think the German kits are great as well, probably the best in the tournament. Interesting to hear about the Austrian shirts – I wonder if you could email me a pic of the white 3rd kit they have worn?
    I’m not a fan of the Croatia outfits though – seeing a chequerboard design, for whatever reason – always takes me back to Umbro away kits from the late 80s!

  4. It would be quite funny if it was true, though with the rivalry between the English and the Germans I’m pretty sure the DFB would never own up to that match resulting in the away shirt colour change in the public eye. Interestingly enough a similar rumour has been the result of the recent change in colour of the French away strip from white to red, because of the 2006 World Cup final.

    I’ve sent you an e-mail with that Austrian white kit, as mentioned in the message, the kit was used in the FIFA U-20 championship and I’m thinking it might have been a makeshift kit instigated by FIFA due to their strict laws on light and dark kits.

    And come to think of mentioning Umbro and Croatia… here’s an interesting observation – Chelsea had an away kit between 1990 and 1992 which often reminds me of the Croatian kit!

  5. A similar thing might have happened with portugal re:austria and light/dark kits, as half way through euro 2008 qualifications they changed from a black to a white away kit.
    I read a rumour that it had something to do with a change in the political party in power, on the other hand.

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