4 Replies to “Radio Appearance – ‘Good Evening Wales’

  1. I saw the new Welsh kit today and let’s just say I was rather disappointed. It’s dull and uninspiring kit in my opinion. Now I’ve been quite critical of Kappa in the eight years that they have supplied the Welsh kit but the last kit they made for us with the dragon print on the front was one of their best, and far better than this effort.

    Wished the FAW hadn’t have signed this deal with JJB at all.

  2. Damn – missed your appearance on the radio, John!

    I, too, saw the new Wales kit and it looks OK to me, if a little unremarkable. Interestingly, they’re the only team apart from Wigan that have got a Champion kit at the moment.

    I wonder if they’ll be making further inroads into the market over the next few years?

  3. You can still hear it through iplayer like i did. The chat only lasts for a couple of minutes before the news bulletin at 6.

  4. Sorry Chris! I didn’t have much warning myself. I think the Champion kit is OK, nothing special, just OK. Although some of Kappa’s moves were a little strange they did bring something different to the Wales kit during their 8 year stint with the FAW. I loved the fact that they only had their logo on the sleeves giving the Welsh crest more prominence. It will be interesting to see if they produce any more kits in the coming years. They may be another Lonsdale – a few good outfits and then disappearing.

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