Newcastle United discounted shirts

I visited the Newcastle Utd online shop today and couldn’t believe that they are currently offering 30% off their 08-09 away and third shirts. 30%!! Great bargain if you’re a Newcastle fan and haven’t bought this season’s kit yet but its a bit of a kick in the teeth if you have already bought one – after all the shirts only been on sale for what, 3 or 4 months, and its already hugely discounted!! I mean there’s still almost 6 months of the season remaining!

I don’t understand the thinking behind this (could it be something to do with Northern Rock’s sponsorship?) – I realise the recession is with us and the club are trying to drum up Christmas sales but surely if this carrys on it will come to a point when any right-minded fan will wait just a couple of monthsafter a shirt is released and then purchase it at a much cheaper price.

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  1. hi John! Yes you are right about the discount. Thankfully I hadn’t bought the kit until after the discount started. I might be a northern rock issue but most of us nufc fans think its about responding to the boycott of club merchandise because tickets are also cheap. It was £20 for the West Brom match! Usually the club store doesn’t put replicas on sale until the season is over! It sounds to us like the club is trying to win back financial support of fans because they are boycotting the club and sports direct.

  2. Well unsurprisingly, sale talk has gone quiet and some are questioning whether a sal will occur before the end of the season or not. It seems likely that Joe Kinnear and Mike Ashley could both be around until May. The boycoot issue is still going strongly though. The club store is being left out and home attendances are well down despite rising after the Hull match. Sports direct is obviously in trouble because Sunderland fans won’t shop there either because of us!

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