Weekly Blog – 24 January 2009

er…not many updates at the moment! I owe everyone an apology as there’s not been much new stuff on the site so far this year. The reason being is that I have a lot going on at the moment which has been a little stressful to say the least (mainly work related) and has taken up much of my time.

I think the best way to ensure that there is plenty of new kit material (no pun intended) on the site is to update articles gradually.
The good news is I’m aiming to rectify the recent lack of updates with the start of the Sheffield Wednesday kit article, hopefully a few Melchester Rovers kits, more additions to the True Colours Updates page and a new regular weekly blog – starting with this one!

There’s plenty going on in the kit world at the moment with the marketing machines gearing up for the 09–10 kits. A couple of clubs have already put their designs forward for fans to choose. Leicester City are taking a novel stand, declaring that there won’t be a regular sponsor on the shirt in 09–10 and instead they are asking supporters to choose from various slogans to appear on the jersey. Head over to Football Shirt Culture to find out more. Personally, I think it has to be the blank shirt. So many people have been impressed with West Brom’s sponsorless shirts this season and with the recession with us we may be seeing more plain jerseys.

The AIG deal with Man Utd will not renewed and it will be fascinating to see who takes their place on the shirt of the biggest club in the world.  I know many fans still miss Sharp (not Lee) but I very much doubt they will be making a return. Incidentally Nike’s conceptual approach to kit design is continuing with the new Utd shirt, apparently they are bringing back the ‘V’ motif across the jersey in honour of the club kit dating back to the 20s. I’ve no doubt this will ruffle a few feathers – will it be a step too far for Nike? It remains to be seen.

Finally, there’s still plenty of replica shirt bargains to be had – especially from JJB who sadly by all accounts are struggling at the moment.

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  1. Nike want to celebrate 100 years of success,United won the league the season before 1909 so like the blue 40th anniversary kit of 1968 nike are slightly out with there dates again! And why not produce the white shirt with red V as an away shirt, a red shirt with white V isnt exactly a true representation is it? And i would love Sharp electronics back on the shirt,but it will not happen.

  2. Went into JJB the other day…sadly, not much in the way of kits unless you’re only into the top 6 of the prem and Rangers / Celtic. Sports Direct next door on the other hand has a massive variety…would have bought loads as most are about £20, but am saving my cash for the Coventry Ltd Edn brown kit, released next month.
    I do hope Leicester go for the plain shirt…the few sponsorless shirts this season have looked very classy. As for Man U, it’ll be interesting to see whether they get a deal that’s anywhere near as good as the AIG one, as the recession takes a firmer hold and the idea that you HAVE to have a shirt sponsor now has (albeit forced so far) been proved as not necessarily true. They will end up with something of course, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot more plain shirts around and quite a few deals falling through.

  3. Speaking of Leicester, Brighton had to wear the Foxes’ away last night as the ref said that their away would clash with Leicester’s home

  4. Strange that Brighton didn’t wear their fourth kit, which is like the home kit but without the stripes on the front (basically all white with blue trim). They wore it at Shrewsbury a month ago so why couldn’t they wear it at Leicester?

    Besides their choice of kits this season is all screwed up – home has blue in it, away has a darker shade of blue, third is sky blue. It’s as bad as Celtic a few years ago, having three kits with green as the main colour!!!

  5. That Brighton situation is daft isn’t it? 4 kits, and they still had to wear one of Leicester’s? I really don’t understand the logic behind away kits that are the same colour (although different shade) than the home.

  6. Phew, I’m glad common sense has prevailed and the Leicester shirt will be plain next season. It will be interesting to see what the actual design of the shirt is like though. If its retro looking with a classy, simplistic design I think the lack of sponsor will work well. If however, its a highly contemporary looking shirt it may look a little strange without a sponsor’s logo.

  7. I see Leicester are looking into using a local Charity to sponsor their change kit next season, following Villa’s lead.

    Also Sheffield Wednesday’s kit wont carry a commercial sponsor next season but the name of the City’s Children’s Hospital.

    Finally I have read elsewhere Arsenal will have a Green away kit next seaon, ‘Hunters Green’ whatever shade that is? Nike seem to be paying homage to other manufacturers retro kits, which is a little odd in my opinion!

  8. I quite like the concept of retro-influenced kits but I wouldn’t like to see it become a habit if you know what I mean. Design has to move forward – I think this is a trend at the moment. Nike really hit the spot in my view with this year’s Arsenal away but that may have been just because they reverted to the classic Arsenal away colour scheme.

  9. Nike sure have been dividing the opinions of the Arsenal faithful of late – the white away kit from last season, this season’s home kit not having the white sleeves, and now this rumour about a return to a green and navy away kit.

    I know the colour scheme was so unpopular back in the early 80’s that they changed it to yellow and navy the following season!

  10. Thats right Jon, the fact that the club switched kits after just one season as the outfit was so unpopular seems to have been forgotten. Its strange how memory changes the opinions about kits though isn’t it?

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