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  1. The Championship kits, so far, look great John, thanks.

    I’m interested to see the Derby County kits for this season, when they are posted. I was quite surprised at their choice for the game against WBA at the Hawthornes on Saturday. I thought it was a clash and am interested to see if they had a better option.

    Anyway, and I apologise as this has nothing to do with anything, but do Barcelona always have an all black goalkeeper kit?

    Thanks again for the Championship kits, John.

    Keep ’em coming! πŸ˜€

  2. I too was puzzled by the choice of stripes against West Brom…at times it was hard to make them out at first glance, with only the shorts / socks marking them out

  3. Derby should have used last season’s “slime green” kit for that match in all honesty, as all three of their kits clashed with West Brom’s.

    Oh and by the way BarΓ§a’s keeper has worn a grey and a bluey-green kit this season.

  4. The Derby kit v WBA was one of the worst clashes I have seen in ages. According to the website the striped one is the 3rd kit. The away kit is black and would not have clashed.

  5. Hello David Brent (!) thanks for the kind words about my illustrations! Yes the Derby/WBA match was a nightmare clash wise wasn’t it? As Mike points out the black might have been a better choice although to be honest I’ve often seen Newcastle play in black and white stripes against teams in white shirts so even the white would have been better! I think it was the mixture of stripes that caused problems. Perhaps it wasn’t so bad in the flesh. As Jon says though, there were question marks over all three of their kits – incredible really though isn’t it!?

  6. I’m sure Derby would have turned up in black if West Brom’s home kit would have had proper stripes on the back instead of that unsightly navy patch. From the front black against navy and white would have been passable, but from behind, I’d have had a spot of bother distinguishing them, particularly as Derby’s away kit has silver trim and West Brom’s shirts have silver collars and trim.

    I know Derby introduced that third kit last season as a nod to their away kit from the 70’s, which itself had paid homage to the Argentina kit. It’s a bit of a no-brainer considering Derby usually wear white, and the sky blue is so bright on the shirt that it almost resembles white in daylight anyway.

    Oh and talking of kit clashes what about Peterborough at Crystal Palace the other week? They turned up in blue, which was a silly idea, particularly when they had – ironically, another Argentina style kit in the kit hamper, and a green kit as well, which could have been used. How the referee let that one carry on I’m not sure!

  7. Re: 3. John.

    The grey and green/blue are change goalkeeper kits. I’m talking about the first choice goalkeeper kits.

    I was just wondering if they do always have all black. I always find it interesting when clubs have these little kit traditions.

    That’s if Barcelona do always have a black goalkeeper kit of course…

    Maybe that’s why Barcelona have such wacky away/third kits. They always seem to be bright colours. Like this season, they have a orange away and yellow third.

    Maybe they sort of have to really. There home kit is red and blue, so that rules those out. White is a no-no because of Real Madrid. And, they can’t have black because it’s their goalkeeper colours, again if they do do that.

    I’m starting to ramble…

  8. Jon – Peterborough’s kit is a brighter blue but in anycase would have been ok if Palace’s nike kit did not have the all blue back – just shows the stupidity of this ‘rule’/fad!

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