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  1. Looks that way Rich – not sure if thats them ‘revealing’ it or not! Seems strange to only release that pic today – plus, once you’ve entered the site there’s not really anything else on the kit. Looks like we might have to wait til Wednesday now.

  2. Yep…annoyingly, it says to click on it to see the kit, but the link is just the home page, which you’re already on! No shirt sites seem to be selling it either.

  3. No… the socks are sponsored by a neo-psychedelic Welsh band who have a penchant for hanging around with Howard Marks…

  4. I like that, espeacially of you consider they used a template, good effort and can’t wait for next years design

  5. I can’t believe they’ve kept the badge from the Diadora kits!!

    At first glance it looks like an adidas t-shirt with the old badge on, but as i look more at it I quite like it. Its more a ‘get stuck in’ shirt than a flair shirt but its not bad. I like the stripes down the arm, reminds me of the Umbro ’78 shirt. I might have to get the long sleeve version!

    Doesn’t have as much finesse as the new home England kit, but to be quite honest if we don’t qualify for tournaments we can’t really expect to be lavished with a trailblazing new kit. Hope it gets us off to a good start on Wednesday, don’t want the kit or Craig Levein jinxed straight away!!

  6. I never have liked the break in the 3 stripes, it just looks daft. They also missed an opportunity to revert back to the classic 60’s/70’s circular badge. As for the large embossed tonal Scotland crest on the front, it looks like an after thought and probably could have been omitted.

    I really hope it looks better in the flesh!

  7. Its a shame the three stripes have to break but what with tournament patches being almost obligatory these days I fear we will never seem them back as they used to be. I would have loved to have seen the old crest back but realistically I didn’t think that was going to happen. I have to say, I am really pleased with kit – my only gripe is that watermark on the front – it just looks like a cheap iron on transfer in these pics, as you say Willie, it may look better in the flesh.

    Ricky – I like your ‘get stuck in’ description! Maybe a ‘get intae them’ would be better!

  8. Wish they had went back to the old circle badge – looks great though. The goalie kit could have done with a bit more thought though.

  9. Agree with all of above, the watermark doesn’t look right. Nice to see navy top, white shorts and red socks and definitely think the old circular badge would have looked much better.

    I know the break in the stripes is a UEFA kit regulation requirement (not sure about FIFA though) but I guess adidas are probably covering all competitions by doing this.

    UEFA say the following:

    “Each sleeve (long or short, left and right) must have a free zone, where no manufacturer identification may be placed. This zone is used for badges. This free zone on each sleeve must be at least 12 cm long, 8 cm wide and
    be centred between the shoulder point and the elbow point.”

  10. The goalie kit looks like a stop-gap design, it’s currently in use by Adidas teams at the moment. As for the player kit, it’s alright I suppose, the front watermark is a bit too shiny in my opinion.

  11. its not the best Scotland kit i’ve seen but its definateley not the worse. how long will it last for ? 2 years?

  12. Having seen the new kit in action tonight, I’m disappointed. It looks uninspiring and looks like the sort of thing you’d find in a training catalogue. The crest on the front doesn’t show up very well, despite being shiny, but when it does it looks like an afterthought…like someone had to make a template fit a nation and just whacked a large version of the badge on the front. Speaking of the badge, I felt the actual badge was too small. Seemed lost amongst the numbering etc

  13. I still really like the kit but nearly everyone I’ve spoken to agrees about the ‘iron on’ watermark. I was very concerned that adidas would over complicate the design but they’ve kept it simple.

    Good spot about Fletcher’s number Denis – don’t you think the launch was a little low-key though? I guess it may be because replicas won’t be available for a few months yet.

  14. Ricky – the kit wasn’t jinxed!!! Good win hey?! Willie, I know what you mean about the sleeve stripes but its a fact of life now that all shirts need to keep a space clear for tournament badges.

    Incidentally I reckon thats another reason why kits are getting simpler – if you look at press launch photos they look plain, but in action they have squad numbers, match embroidery and tournament patches – makes a big difference to the overall feel of the design.

    Angus, although I would rather see the round badge than the current one, my favourite was the simple shield used in the Fila era.

  15. A great win John and a great start for Craig. Looks like the new boss will bring the passion and pride back that was sadly lacking under Burley. Scotland don’t have the overall technical ability of some of the other teams so we really need players who will fight for the cause.

    Anyway, I won’t get too carried away as it was only a friendly. Although wins even in friendlies can build confidence and much needed team spirit.

    Oh and the strip looked much better when seen in actual match play. Here’s to a good relationship between Scotland and Adidas!



  16. A good win indeed! Hopefully it’ll build their confidence back up…if they can just get a bit more proficient at creating goalscoring opportunities, which they’re going to need for competitive matches, and combine that with the passion and workrate they showed against Holland in the last qualifier, they could hopefully make it to a tournament again πŸ™‚

  17. Rich, adidas first started doing this a couple of years ago for friendlies. The first time I noticed it was v England in 2008 (see below). Germany have also used this patch in friendlies. In the Spain v France friendly the other night both teams used the same one as shown on the Scotland shirts. The design of the patch itself is based on the current logo used to represent ‘adidas football specific products’ and it usually follows the latest ball adidas are using. The current logo as shown on the scotland shirt is based on the adidas jabulani world cup football.


  18. Agree with many of the comments above, especially about the badge, what a great chance missed to use the circular badge from 70’s ect, in my opinion the umbro 78′ kit is the best kit the national side has worn, this strip by adidas does slightly remind me of that era, though the badge just doesn’t jump out at you, like the circular badge did, I agree with the comments on the imprinted ‘rampant lion’, it looks out of place, Scotland is a proud nation, the joint oldest national side, we want a unique shirt, not a ten-plate with after-thought’s, again, nice wee strip & glad about White shorts, red socks back, but something unique for 2011,… With circular badge, LOL

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