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  1. Fantastic work John yet again! Really looking forward to League 2 and my team Bristol Rovers. Errea have produced some fantasic kits for us over the years in my opinion. Loving Hearts & Inverness (intergration of colours in collar). According to Rangers website the red/blue kit is the away kit & the white/navy is the 3rd kit. Also got to say on the topic of templates Dundee United’s kits look rather ugly and patched together. Black shirts with White sleeves & Orange Socks? Im sure they use the black shorts when away but still!

  2. If I were a referee I certainly wouldn’t allow them to wear it away to Hibernian anyway, which is theoretically the only time they need one

  3. Actually dont mind the Dundee away kit all that much Denis.

    Its the Hearts Home and Celtic third shirts that are the worst offenders here by a distance.

  4. Re your question AJ, in the Irish sport of hurling there is a club in Dublin sponsored by Umbro. The strips are not manufactured by them, however, due to archaic rules about playing gear having to be made in Ireland!

  5. @Ciarán I think the Hearts home is lovely except for the sponsor, Dundee U away would be fine if the shirt and socks had even a sliver of orange, it just illustrates the constraints of Nike teamwear!

  6. Yes, the Celtic third (which to be fair is marketed as an ‘international’ change shirt does seem unnecessary and I think Andrew’s summing up is spot on in comparing it to Newcastle’s. There’s got to be a distinction drawn between a match-fit shirt and a simple leisure item of clothing. I believe the match shirt has to fit certain criteria and the Celtic 3rd and Newcastle 3rd don’t do that.

    I kind of agree with Denis and Alexander on the Dundee Utd away, its a strange old combo! I like the St Mirren kits as well. Its the Kilmarnock home that really leaps out at me as an out of date outfit.
    AJ – its certainly a rare phenomenon, I think there have been a couple of others though. I’ll check it out.

    Hello Alexander, I’ll double check those Rangers kits details…

  7. Denis Hearts is normally a kit I dont mind that much but I dont like this years one-ga!Just think that on both H + A kits they have gone a bit tartan-heavy.

    O’tooles is the hurling team your referring to isnt it.

    Just on the St Mirren Shirt is it worth pointing out that Blackpool wore Carbrini shirts last year and Fila shirts this year so there might be a connection between the 2 brands.

    Am i right in saying also that Carbrini is a line created by JD Sports

    Brannding issues aside the St Mirren kit is the one I like most.

    Disappointed slightly with the Adidas return to Aberdeen.

    As for the Old Firm both home kits are decent and the away kits are ok (celtics being a bit pointless).wthout trying to sound controversial im sure northern ireland football fans will be happy with the design of the Rangers away kit.

  8. The one positive re Aberdeen from my POV is that the away now has red trim rather than the black Nike (or their agents) kept giving them. By the same token, I’d prefer if Rangers’ white kit had the same shade of blue as the other two

  9. United have switched the shorts between the kits so it’s either all “tangerine” or all black.

    Yes, the kits are listed as safety orange but the team colours are tangerine and black, and hopefully one day we’ll get a kit in those colours

  10. As a Motherwell fan I am pleased with both our Puma home and away kits for this season. My only slight niggle was with the home top, as it doesn’t have a full back to front claret hoop. Apart from that, they both look great.

  11. Love the Motherwell and Kilmarnock ones, but my favourite is definitely Hibs’ home shirt. Once again a Puma template.
    Worst of that bunch are Dundee Utd’s. Unoriginal and vile.

  12. since going to nike it appears that Celtic – one seaon they bring out 2 away kits and when the following season they change home shirts(which they are due to do this summer) they still produce another away kit and retain one of the previous kits as a 3rd kit. last season they introduced the light green and black kit but retained the bumble bee kit for trips to Hibs and european games. i follow Celtic aswell as Ipswich but agree the white away is not really needed except as a money making venture nice as it is.

  13. I have no problem with teams bringing out change kits simply to make some money, but surely Nike could have just used a colour that actually makes the kit a functional change kit.

    It’s really not that hard.

  14. i think Celtic’s away kit is loosely based on their 1950’s kit but with the current badge instead of the shamrock. the grey hoops probably added to make it appear modern.

  15. Hearts actually had a third kit in the 2011/12 season, which made sense seeing as both the home and away top were dark colours. However, it was never sold in the club shop and I don’t think it was even ever worn in a first team match. I can’t even find a picture of it online, but it was white with navy blue shoulders

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