The Making of a Football Shirt

Found this interesting little piece that I’d kept from a few old editions of Match magazine. Its a single page feature detailing some of the processes involved in designing and manufacturing the Scotland national team’s Fila shirt from 2000. Amazing, given the interest in football kits these days that not more of this type of article turns up in the football press.

Click on the pic to enlarge and read.

4 Replies to “The Making of a Football Shirt

  1. Interesting read (notwithstanding Match’s love for exclamation marks!!!!!!), I can recall once buying the official Chelsea magazine in 2001 just because there was a feature on the making of their new kit, might see if I can dig it out.

  2. Hello Ciaran, you’re probably right! Funny how the topic has never received much press. The only other similar cutting I have relates to an old Chelsea Umbro away shirt (Autoglass era). I’ll try and dig it out.

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