10 Replies to “Week 7 – Premier League Kits Round-up

  1. Their changes caused by very contrasting weather conditions!

    Mid-80s, both teams began game in home kits but it was August and the shirts were shiny so red asked City to change (they kept mismatching socks on).

    In 90-91, it was a very foggy day so there were fears re visibility of City’s home kit, I presume Spurs had decided to wear yellow in any case.

  2. Think City should’ve worn the purple and orange monstrosity myself. Home probably too close to Spurs, away shorts clash.

  3. City’s psychedelic nightmare looked even worse against Barca with change shorts – I think only Barca themselves with the teal / white combo are the only ones to benefit from Nike’s ‘global template’ rubbish.

    Spurs’ gold away kit still looks weirdly orange on TV…

    Hull third not bad, but I still fail to see the wisdom of an all black away when the home is about 60% black.

    Warming to Dry World now; think the Watford home and away kits are quietly classy, now I’ve had a few chances to see them.

    Like the Burnley away, though it is a bit close to the famous West Ham away strip – can TC contributors tell me who has the most uses of an all sky away? I personally thought that Burnley’s most common away colours were either white or yellow.

    I do like the Southampton home kit, think the yoke sets it off nicely, sponsor logo not too intrusive, and (shock, horror!) STRIPED BACKS!!!

    Still not keen on the Liverpool home, a bit pedestrian to me. Though I approved of Warrior/New Balance bringing the Liver Bird back, I think they’ve been under sold on home kits since Reebok left. The second adidas one was nice, but not the other two, and I haven’t liked any since they left. But I don’t think ANY of the Reebok homes were weak.

  4. Was that the one with the small flashes of white under each arm? The CL winning one? ‘Cos I liked that one personally.

  5. Fair comment. But I could say the same about every Warrior/NB one since they came in. To me, a classic Liverpool kit should be : white V-neck, yellow supplier & badge (Liverbird of couse), white sponsor. Just like the classic early 80’s Umbro, of course. But then I also think they should have a white / black / white away and an all yellow third, so there you go!

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