AET Shirts / True Colours Competition

Here’s the shirt template you’ll need to enter the competition. Just download the image below.

Use crayons, felt tip pens, digital – whatever you like! Let’s see some creative designs….traditional or modern? It’s up to you!

You can win your design actually created into a real shirt!
Plus a signed copy of True Colours: International Football Kits.

To enter, share your design on Twitter and be sure to tag @AETshirts and @truecolourkits.

Deadline for entries: 1pm, 9 August 2020.

It’s free to enter but we are asking for donations to the Maidstone & Medway branch of Cruse Bereavement Care. Cruse are a charity for which I’ve been a volunteer Bereavement Counsellor for two and a half years and they do magnificent work in supporting those who have been bereaved. Anything you could donate would be very much appreciated – thank you!

6 Replies to “AET Shirts / True Colours Competition

  1. I do not use twitter, is there another way at all? love the site by the way, a lot of work has produced a great resource.

  2. Do you need to use this template? I design bits and bobs using Photoshop and find it easier on that would that be allowed

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