Please click here if you would like to contact John regarding any aspect of the True Colours books or the website or if you just want to say hello and talk football kits.

If you would like to licence any of the illustrations then please get in touch.

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  1. Hi John, i sell Football prints in my spare time including Dave Shields Stadium photography. I love your work and wondered if you can do an A3 Leicester City kit history print for me to sell. I am based in Leicester and i am sure it would sell really well.
    Kind regards

    1. Hola John
      Espero que puedas ayudarnos. Somos de Argentina y tenemos una web basada en “La historia de las camisetas de Tigre”, equipo que milita actualmente en segunda y que hace un año fue campeón de la Copa Superliga 2019, y de casualidad llegamos hasta acá. Queremos consultarte si hay manera de comprarte el editable para que podamos hacer nuestros diseños igual a este por ejemplo
      Esperamos respuesta y que puedas ayudarnos ya que tu trabajo nos parece fantástico!!!
      Felicitaciones y saludos cordiales

  2. Hi John

    Is it possible to buy a print of your drawings of the German football kits that would have been included in the International Football Kits book but weren’t due to copyright issues please? I have all three of your books and would love to get these to go with them. Thank you.

  3. Hi John
    I’m hoping you can help me out with an SAFC print that I’ve seen online that seems to be unavailable to order. I believe it’s a print you have produced as it has a True Colours logo at the bottom. I’m after an A3 copy of the print that has the lyrics to ‘Wise men say’ over a red and white striped background. Would it be possible to buy a copy of this print from you?
    If you could let me know that’d be great

  4. Just came across this site by chance and glad i did ,I used to love seeing all the club strips when i was younger and still do .Thank you for this trip down memory lane and seeing some great kits again .especially love the seventies section and as the kits changed .All the best , how about the lower leagues as well.Cheers !

  5. Hi John

    It’s a pleasure sending this message.

    in this quarantine i try to make a history about jersey of Mexico national team, maybe will doing a video and uploaded to youtube or only create a thread in twitter but i dont know yet.

    well the point is, you have the all kits of mexico national team? well if not may i help with some pictures that i recolected and the question of million, how much for your job?

  6. Hello,

    I was wondering if you have any sponsored posts options available on your site.
    If yes, can you please get back to me with the prices and the details for the same.

    Do let me know

  7. Hi John,

    Thanks in advance and I hope this finds you well.

    Fellow footie fan, writer and journo who recently (as in this afternoon) watched the ‘Get Shirty’ documentary.

    Twas super-engaging and super-nostalgic. Even though as die-hard (Manchester born) Red Devil I remember the ’76 FA Cup Final as if it was yesterday.

    My little claim to fame is as the creator of a would-be comic book/animated series called ‘Nutmeg,’ imagining the first female to play in the men’s game and our terrific art team had fun creating some imaginary kits for our main character, Louise Sage.

    I’m about to follow on Twitter and it would be cool to keep in touch.


    Olu Alemoru/Team Nutmeg
    louise sage

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