Umbro Nations’ Collections – Brazil

Alongside the special England shirts and the range of other internationally inspired jerseys Umbro have also produced a bespoke Brazil version.

The design follows the lead of the England shirt and takes various graphical elements from five classic past Umbro Brazilian jerseys to create a new jacquard/shadow pattern. This pattern has then been integrated into the design of this special fan fusion jersey. Kit fanatics will spot where the basic design of the new top comes from (the 94–97 home shirt is the main point of reference) but here’s a run through of the five iconic Brazil shirts that have informed the jacquard weave.

ONE – AWAY SHIRT 1991–94
This design, in the traditional Brazilian away colour of blue, brought in all of Umbro’s design flourishes from the early 90s including asymmetrical tonal blocks, large CBF text and a swish shadow pattern throughout…all topped off with a single press-stud collar. The illustrated version shirt was worn in the 1994 World Cup Finals, most notably in the classic 3-2 win over the Netherlands in the quarter final and of course the unforgettable Bebeto ‘baby’ goal celebration, but an earlier version featured an older Umbro logo and different shorts and socks.

TWO – HOME SHIRT 1991–93
After years of kits that seemed to exist within their own particular fashion timeframe, Umbro brought the famous yellow and green bang up to date with their first set of kits for the nation in 1991. An asymmetrical graphic flash in green and blue featured on the right hand sleeve and a typical Umbro button-up collar with delicately striped placket was key features. The shirt never featured in a World Cup but did appear in the 1993 Copa America.

Umbro only produced four outfield shirt designs for Brazil in their six year tenure with the country – but every design was a nailed on gem. Their second away shirt copied the design of the equivalent home shirt but in a rich blue and white combination. The front of the shirt featured four large tonal renderings of the team crest – one for each of the World Cup titles they have won. Contrary to popular opinion, this shirt was never worn in the 1994 finals themselves.

Umbro’s last Brazil home shirt was unveiled prior to the 1994 World Cup Finals…but there was a subtle difference between this version and the subsequent edition that followed the final itself where this jersey starred in a thrilling 3–2 penalty shootout win over Italy. Prior to the tournament the shirt featured a design including three large tonal Brazil badges (as mentioned above, one for each World Cup crown) but following the 1994 triumph the design was updated to include a fourth!

Ah….the 90s trend for lairy, abstracted goalkeeper jerseys! The Brazil one as worn by legendary keeper Cláudio Taffarel was a beauty with a feast for the eyes in dark green, blue, white, yellow and black. The dazzling jersey featured large in the 1994 World Cup final itself when Taffarel crucially saved two Italian spot kicks in the shoot out.

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